Update on Paperwork

Hi Sisters and Brothers,

I woke up with a nasty cold so I called the post office before bundling up and walking there. The postmaster told me to wait until Monday to overnight the papers to Kentucky because no government offices have anyone there to accept certified overnight mail on the weekends. I am going into grey magic to put a spell on the paperwork that is being sent to be processed faster than usual and on the envelope a spell So it can’t be out aside until it is opened and someone is working on out request. I do not usually do this type of spellwork except in an emergency or something extremely important.

So Monday morning I’ll be leaving about 8:30 AM CST to go to the post office first and than to get my information notarized at my bank.

I talked with WordPress last evening when I got home they said keeping the website intact until I get all the paperwork is not a problem. At least one thing is definitely working in out favor.

I will try to get the regular posts and today’s birthday horoscope up for tomorrow but no guarantee with the way I’m feeling.

Until we meet again may you all blessed be,

Lady Beltane

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