A Peek into the Last 6 years of What Life Brought to Lady of the Abyss

Lady Abyss started Witches of The Craft ~ Witchcraft for the 21st Century approximately 19 years ago. In the beginning this website was a first blazing the trail for all the Pagan, Tarot, Astrology, etcetera that would come after it. She dealt with many threats including one to cut off her head from the militant group that call themselves Isis. Yet she still blazed on. She was in an auto accident in which she lost on of her familiars and that left her in a coma with pins, screws, and metal plates in her left leg an arm. When she awoke from the coma she had amnesia that lasted bout about a month. Yet she still blazed on. The next life changing thing that happened was unexpectedly losing her childhood and right-hand witch at WOTC, Mistress of the Myst. Who left 2 teenage sons that Lady Abyss adopted as her own. Than a local stalker throwing a molotov cocktail through her front window almost immediately engulfing the first floor of her cabin causing her to grab Kade, her other familiar, and jump from the second floor loft, her bedroom, when see landed she had broken a be section of her left leg and arm plus doing damage to the hardware in her from the auto accident. During this hospital stay it the doctor found out she had some kind of rare disease effecting her white blood cells this was life threatening at the time and unless she took a specific medication daily she would die within 2 weeks of the last dose she took. Oh, and a months supply was $795.00 USD which her brothers and sister bought her 1st prescription of it through donations after the 1st month than the manufacturers gave her the medication as she was in a trial study for it. The medication to my knowledge from talking to her was working find. Yet she still blazed on. Next she had a heart attack in which her heart stopped thankfully her close friend and sister,  Lynette Starfire, happened to be visiting and as a registered nurse knew what do to until the paramedics arrived to bring her back to us. Yet she still blazed on. Lady Abyss was no longer able to support her family by just the website and Witchy store brought in. So she sold WOTC to me and went to work for her veterinarian. This man attacked her with the idea a of  raping her. When the the police arrived both were arrested and to sum it up the Kentucky Good Old Boys network twisted around what happened to make it look like she just attacked the man for no reason instead of the self defense it really was. She’d was in jail for 2 or 3  days and because of donation from you along with the money her very close friends and adopted family can up with she was released on bail.  Yet she still blazed on. This  spring she was on her rider mower in deep grass that was soggy from a lot of rain. A watermoccasin, who’d be can be deadly, bit her left angel leaving behind the bacteria that causes flesh eating disease. She had to go to a specialist Lord Myst found to cut out all the dead and some living flesh to get rid of it. Yet she still blazed on. She had fibromyalgia which I know from personal experience can be so painful at times a person can barely walk or type. Yet she did both to make sure her pioneering website stayed art the top of its field while Lady A still blazed on. She was diabetic so any injury took longer to heal and ran a greater risk of infection. Yet she still blazed on. Always by her side to help her through each horrific event were her two adopted sons, Eleanor (another childhood friend that relocated to the Louisiana Byous), and Mistress of the Myst brother also another very close childhood friend and confidant.

If you read her obituary, I’m sure was written by her blood children who were ashamed she was a powerful witch, you will see only the names of her blood children and grandchildren. To the list of those who survived her the names Jacob and Joseph her adopted sons and Lord Myst her fiancee and 1 more grandchild.

When I think I of her now two old poems come to me. The first one I use when I feel inadequate to own WOTC because Lady A good me many times I know you can do it or I wouldn’t have let you by my website.

grandpas poem

This other one reminds that even with all the medical issues Lady Abyss still blazed onward even shaking up the online pagans with their different websites. So when you get discouraged because something you are working on keeps coming out wrong think of this poem and our beloved sister, friend, and mentor Lady of the Abyss.

dont give up


November 8th Birthday Horoscope

November 8 Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio

Birthday Horoscope Of People Born On November 8

IF YOU ARE BORN ON NOVEMBER 8, it is said that you may dream too much. On the other hand, dreams are what will make us work towards our goals. Everyone should have dreams and goals. However, you are likely to do what feels right to you.

You would rather prefer people keep their opinions and advice to themselves. It’s not easy for the November 8th birthday personality to take criticisms from others. Mainly, you are guided by facts and by your instincts but not by one idea alone.

As the 8 November, birthday zodiac sign is Scorpio, you see life with a different pair of glasses. Everything is larger than what’s on the surface. Keeping things at a progressive and innovative path, you make strides to living the lifestyle you think about.

Although you don’t speak about it much, you are very ambitious and hard-working. There’s something about you being private that people find you to be an intriguing individual.

Additionally, the November 8 birthday horoscope suggests that you could be distant. You find that being detached is sometimes best. Nonetheless, you are easily agitated at people probing into your personal life. Your friends are curious to know what’s ticking deep inside you. Enough with the cold shoulder, Scorpio. You should learn to trust someone who has your back in the good and bad weather.

Being the true romantic that you are, you tend to experience grief when a plan doesn’t come together. The 8th November birthday compatibility analysis shows that when you love, you love from within your soul. When you hurt, you hurt the same way… from the core.

Your love life has not been the best possible aspect of your life as you can be difficult. These Scorpio birthday people have problems with letting go. This should be avoided especially if you do not offer any positive benefits to the partnership.

On that note, let’s talk about the November 8th birthday negative traits. Today’s Scorpions are generally controlling individuals. It is suggested that you mind your own business especially since you won’t divulge your intimate secrets to anyone.

Maybe you could try listening to someone instead of pushing your ideas on them. In addition, you shouldn’t be so insecure and jealous. The thing that makes you the most upset is when people involve you in their shenanigans.

The November 8 birthday astrology analysis shows that you are naturally an easy-going person with a vivid imagination. You are sometimes unpredictable, however. This makes you a person who could be misunderstood.

The person who is in love with this Scorpio should be able to openly discuss emotions and feelings. They should be tolerant and understanding. If you’re chosen to be a part of this Scorpio’s family, you will likely enjoy your life.

The November 8 birthday personality is likely interested in fitness and nutrition. You like to eat several small meals a day as opposed to a few heavy meals. You have a tendency to watch what you eat and drink. However, you may have an overactive libido. This inclination to find love in all the wrong places could affect your health in more ways than one.

The career path of this zodiac birthday is taken with great care and concern. Perhaps you’ve considered working for yourself or being the boss. The 8 November birthday meanings predict that you could be a promising author or musical talent. The limelight is not for you as you like peace and serenity.

If today is your birthday, you typically won’t buy anything full price. But every so often, you’ll treat yourself if you see something that’s “to die for”. Normally, you like to stock up as a way of being frugal.

Those of you born today on a November 8 birthday, set goals that usually surpass anything that you have done before. You have little tolerance for foolishness. You are a friend who is appreciative and loving.

The Scorpio birthday horoscope for November 8, shows that you plan for your success as organizing seems to be effortless for someone like you. You have a way of getting it done, however, using your own techniques. Take steps to protect yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

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This Day That Year –November 8 In History

392 – Christianity named top religion under Roman Emperor Theodosius.
1968 – John and Cynthia Lennon are officially divorced.
1990 – The LA Dodgers signs Darryl Strawberry for a 5-year commitment.
2011 – America’s favorite big boy, Heavy D dies.

November 8  Vrishchika Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
November 8 Chinese Zodiac PIG

November 8 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Mars that symbolizes your actions, drive, strength, conflicts, and confrontations.

November 8 Birthday Symbols 

The Scorpion Is The Symbol For The Scorpio Zodiac Sign

November 8 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is Strength. This card symbolizes the strength that is needed to reach your goal. The Minor Arcana cards are Six of Cups and Knight of Cups

November 8 Birthday Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Aries: This relationship will be long-lasting.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign GeminiThis relationship will be volatile.

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November 8 Lucky Number

Number 1 – This number shows your authoritative and leadership skills.
Number 8 – This number symbolizes your materialistic personality and need for power.

Lucky Colors For November Birthday

Red: This is a vibrant color that shows interaction, aggression, initiative, and love
Indigo: This color signifies good luck, mystery, perception, knowledge, and trust.

Lucky Days For November 8 Birthday

Tuesday – This day is ruled by Mars and symbolizes an aggressive and competitive day.
Saturday – This day ruled by Saturn signifies being in touch with your reality and the need to be disciplined.

November 8 Birthstone Topaz

Topaz is a sacred gemstone that promotes creativity, positive energy, and intuitive abilities.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On November 8th

A cozy and intimate candlelight dinner in his favorite restaurant for the Scorpio man and a good leather purse for the woman.

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