To Find Out Any Moon Phase and/or Planetary Positions for Any Date

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It can be a little confusing using the links on the Daily Posts for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to find information that is closer to where you live. I have been using these two websites for years and still find myself confused on what date or time or hemisphere I am getting information for. I am thing of starting to post Eastern and Western Hemispheres for those living in Europe and other continents that even though they north or south of the equator because of times zones or the International Date Line the times I post are still way off for them. And you thought posting the Current Moon Phase and Planetary Positions was a easy stroll through a couple of websites…lol

To use the website that WOTC uses to find out Moon Phases, past or present or future. This link will take you to the websites Homepage where they have different information on the Moon and its Phase as.

To use the website WOTC use to find Custom Planetary Positions is a little more involved to get the planetary positions for you on a specific time and date for where you live because you have to use a time conversion website to know what GMT (Greenwich Means Time) to use for the time and date locally.

WOTC uses the following link to get a custom reading for Central Standard or Daylight Savings Time zone in the U S A  and the Australian Eastern Standard or Daylight Saving zone. Try typing in the town or city you live in or the nearest large town. After getting a local time and date done you next type in GTM and click on it. After you do both of these steps you will know what time to set on Custom Planetary Positions page on the website link below than click on “Custom Calculations.”

Time and Date

Custom Planetary Positions

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