So What Happened to Today’s New Posts

I am sorry for letting you down by not getting the basic daily posts up today but there is a very good reason.

I wound up in our local hospital thanks to a scary but very mild heart attack and was not released until after lunch. The doctor said because of my quick actions of calling the EMTs and taking an aspirin the damage was extremely limited to my heart. I now have to go on a little stricter diet, basically rest and stay hydrated over the next couple of days than I will be fine to go back to my crazy schedule. The doctor said there should be no long or short effects as long as I eat the right way, stay hydrated, start with mild exercise and work up to a moderate level.

She believes it was brought on by poor dietary choices, high cholesterol, and stress. I am not worried about this heart episode shortening this lifetimes incarnation. So I ask that you not worry for me also. Thanks. I should be post I hope tomorrow just not as early as usual.

7 thoughts on “So What Happened to Today’s New Posts

  1. Hello Lady B,
    I am very sorry to hear about this and I really hope you are feeling a little better.I also want explain why I have been absent from the coven and my course.I too have had a few setbacks.I really don’t want to unload them on you at this point because you have your own problems to deal with, but I have not been able to uphold my responsibilities to the coven and I can understand if you want me to leave.After my transplant I had high hopes for a long and happy future, but it seems it will not be so simple.My husband has developed Diabetes 2 and also had a heart attack a little while back as a result of this and he has deteriorated somewhat since then, so I also have a responsibility to care for him as well as myself.I am truly sorry for letting you down and please know that it was absolutely very much unexpected.I do wish to stay with the Coven and my studies but I do understand if you want me to leave.I am just not able to do much at the moment and have had some bad blood test results come back recently which are adding to my worries[on top of everything else].I pray things will improve soon for you and wish that I could have been of more assistance in your time of need.Please know that I have been thinking of you and I don’t expect you to reply to this yet.You take the time you need to heal and I’ll go into more detail about myself later.Blessings of wellness and peace,


  2. Thank you Celtie. You ready to come help me with postiing? I’ll email all the links with step-by-step instructions on how to do simple daily posts. Most of them are copy and paste. Please say yes I could really use the help ❤


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