A Good Day to You Sisters, Brothers, and Guests


I hope you all had a great weekend that wasn’t unbearably hot. We were in triple digits and 90 % or more humidity most of the weekend. As we do not have air conditioning it was a weekend to sit with fans on and trying to stay coolish. My poor Chihuahua is suffering a lot in this heat. I am having to use a non-needle syringe giving her water to make sure she is staying hydrated. All she is doing is sleeping unless I force her to eat and/or drink and carry her outside to use the restroom. My Min Pin, on the other hand, wants to go lay out in the full sun in the backyard and is upset when I bring her in. My familiars definitely each have their own way of doing things and personalities even when it comes to helping me in a circle or with something else that they lovingly lend their energy to.

I am doing only Moon phases, planetary positions, and horoscopes this week as I only have a laptop that is finicky when it is very hot and humid. It likes to get too hot and run very, very slow when it goes above 85 F and since we are going to be in the 90s all week plus high humidity I do not want to overtax the only computer I have.

Because there is a big holiday here in the U.S. on Thursday and my oldest son with his new bride is coming to stay a few days I am not sure if I will get posts up on the 4th, 5th, and 6th but I will try to. If I don’t have the chance to post please excuse my absence. Thank you!

Until tomorrow may you all be blessed with positive energy and things coming into your lives.