I Wish You a Transcendental Tuesday


If I have learned anything of importance in how to live my life out of the broom closet, it is to meditate at least once every day. Sometimes it is just 5 minutes to take me mentally out of a tense situation, such as a family gathering where I have to hide my amulets or just being in a shopping mall during the winter holiday time. To do this I close my eyes and allow the noises all around me to become like white noise, I take 3 to 4 very deep breathes, inhale for a count of 10 and exhale to a count of 10, as I exhale I use the word “relax” as a focal point. This helps me to release the tension wherever it might be in my body especially my shoulders (I have a bad tendency to keep them pulled up toward my ears. Or when I have the time I will sit in my backyard, weather permitting, or in my den which is also my altar room, and get in a comfortable position and my meditation may last up to an hour. Meditating is a great way to open your third eye and to get to know your spirit guides and possibly some of your ancestors. When you meditate you do not have to sit in the popular Lotus position, you can sit, stand if you are out somewhere, or even lay down whatever position you can allow your mind to still is fine.

What do you do to find a quiet, peaceful place inside yourself wherever you might be at the time you are feeling disconnected from yourself and the divine?

This is just one of many, many ways to meditate. This type of meditation was very popular in the USA in the late 1960s and into the 1970s with people who were called “Flower Children and/or Hippies.”