Something to Consider

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The Craft and the Old Religion or the Old Ways are intricately woven together just as much today as they have been before written history.

To me, I practice my craft while following the Old Ways traditions of respect and honor. I personally do not feel you can be a Witch practicing the Craft and not in some way honor the Old Religion/Ways because during rituals and spell work we call upon deities to help give power to what we are doing.

What is your opinion on whether The Old Religion/ Old Ways are part of being a Witch and practicing the Craft or not.

3 thoughts on “Something to Consider

  1. I agree and take pride in practicing a craft that covets our past. We treat it with a reverence and respect that it deserves. Personally, I couldn’t practice without that knowledge and understanding. Blessed Be


  2. Greetings, I too follow an ancient path and find comfort and wisdom in that way. When I connect with Nature and the elements it is through those that have gone before me that my strength follows. Not sure how it could happen any other way. I always think it is strange when people tell me I am New Age because I do not se that at all I follow an ancient path.


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