Witch for Sale!

Witch for Sale!

Author:   Hecatian Nights 

Sure go ahead and laugh, but just you wait – you may have never been in MY shoes. So what puts me here trying to market myself off to the first bidder that would have me? I, Hecatian Nights, am looking for a coven to call home. That’s right – I’m searching for my very first coven.

I live in Alaska, in my opinion the most beautiful state in our marvelous country, complete with unimaginable mountain terrain, more lakes than Minnesota, just about any kind of animal you could ask for, forests galore and last but not least Santa and the North Pole. Tell me, can any other state compete with Santa? I think not!

According to Witchvox there are about eight covens here. None of which are located in my city, which just so happens to be the largest city in all of Alaska. What sense does that make? Well maybe more than I am willing to admit. After all most Pagans I’ve read of prefer to live in nature, and we sure have it up here.

I have been studying Wicca and Paganism for a little over seven years; granted that makes me quite young when I started and sure I will admit that I only seriously began studying and practicing four years ago. But the attraction between the Craft and me was instant. I fell in love with Wicca; it was something that was so different than what I had grown up with, in my church and in the Catholic school that I had attended. I threw myself into the Craft and soaked up all the knowledge that was lent to me though the books that I read.

Throughout my years I never met another serious Witch, I never talked to anyone that was a member of a “real” coven, and as the years went by I began to feel more and more alone. A feeling of loneliness and a paradoxical sense of belonging are things that I believe go hand in hand with being a Wiccan teen. You feel connected to a Pagan consciousness so alive and vibrant, but at the same time you feel utterly alone and shunned the community.

For a few years I knew a girl who also had an interest in Wicca; we practiced together and even did a ritual on the beach once. It was magical – to me anyway. We re-created a scene between the fighting Brothers, sang a song to the one that had fallen, and afterwards we ate and watched the sun set on the Sleeping Lady Mountain across the inlet. I always thought that every year we could come back on Summer Solstice and do it again. But dreams sometimes fade and old friends can change. We never went back to the beach again.

Though my friend’s interest waned and our friendship failed, my interest in the Craft only grew stronger. I was fine with being alone; I enjoyed it, and I felt special and was content. But as time went on I realized that I wasn’t as content as I once was. I found my solitary state warring on me and I began to understand that I wasn’t meant to be alone. I began to search for others out there. I even met a few people but nothing really panned out. They were either not serious enough or not serious at all.

I felt alone, alone as the only serious Pagan teen that I knew. Adult Pagans, who I don’t blame, wouldn’t meet me, talk to me or offer advice on how I could become more involved. I knew that this was my fate until I was legally an adult but as the years came closer and the time finally arrived, I still found myself detached from the rest of the Pagan world. Coven-less.

Sure there are books, wonderful ones. They opened my mind and gave me exercises and rituals to try. I spent many hours hiding in my room with a Pagan book, reading the stories of men and women and how they found the Craft. And I loved them; I bought just about every single book that would give me a sense of what it was like to be involved in a community of Pagans. Phyllis Curott’s Book of Shadows was one of my favorites, and I can happily recommend it to any person who wonders about Wicca. These books momentarily gave me a glimpse of what a connected Pagans life was like, but as soon as I was done with the book the yearning to be part of a group was back. I knew that I couldn’t ignore it forever. And that is what leads me here.

I feel ready to join a coven, if one will have me. Or at least begin to understand what one truly is. I always thought I would end up a solitary Witch by choice, but that feeling of loneliness has only grown stronger and now I feel a definite want and need to be with those who refer to me as their kindred. It’s time for me to learn, and I feel that books and solitary practicing can only take one so far.

I now believe that it is necessary for wiser Wiccans to allot their knowledge to the next generation, not only in the form of books but to also take us under their wings. Teach to us, learn with us, lead us, speak to us and learn to know us. We are your future and the next generation of Witches and Wiccans. No I don’t mean go out and search for the first 13-year-old pentacle-toting teen you see, but don’t forget the of-age Witches out there!

So, where do I sign up? I’m ready and I’m here to learn. So poke me, prod me, see if I’m ripe; but give me a chance to see if I can call your coven home.

One thought on “Witch for Sale!

  1. Merry Meet Hecatian Nights, I go by Moon Lillie out here. Not a magickal name but one that allows me to keep my identity from those less than enlightened people who judge. I happened by your blog by chance while actually doing some research for something else, but I am glad that I did run across it. I had to giggle when you mentioned you were ‘for sale’ but as I read on I had to say that I know what you feel. My small town has very little to offer in way of support and friendships within the craft and I have often felt doomed to a life as a solitary and not by choice. What can I say? Don’t give up (cliche I know.) I haven’t given up yet.

    Even as an adult locating a coven that is open is hard and more times than naught they tend to be secretive and unwilling to speak to you. Some ideas for you (that have helped me):

    -Witchesvox: I know you did that already, but try searching for activities and get togethers instead of just covens. All the covens near me (and I am saying that lightly as the closest is 2 hours away) have family activities that are open to anyone and would make a great way to meet others. Who knows, maybe you are not alone in your town and can make some contacts that can get you introduced, and if not you are still meeting others somewhat close to you. Or maybe you’ll bump into a few interested souls and can start a study group or your own coven.

    -Sacred Mists: This is an online school/degree program. I LOVE it! It has saved my sanity a time or two and is a great online coven that embraces everyone. I have been going here for, oh my, 2 years this coming March. It is $25 a month, but honestly out of all my bills this is the best spent money. They do have online Sabbats and Esbats, the degree classes, extension classes, and a whole forum and online Book of Shadows. I’ll admit I am not as far along as I would like in my studies but regardless the friendships I have made all over the world are priceless to me. Even if I were to find and join a coven locally I do not think I will ever leave SM just because of the friendships and support.

    I hope that this helps you, even just a little bit, and I pray that you find what you need.

    Warmest Blessings, and may the Goddess Bless you
    Moon Lillie


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