Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Halcyon, Sophia

December 15th and 16th

Halcyon, Sophia

In ancient Greece, December 15th began the Halcyon Days–the seven days before and the seven days after the Winter Solstice. It was during this time that the sea was calm and the kingfisher, a magickal bird and symbol of the Goddess Alcyon, could lay her eggs. Legend has that it was the bird nesting upon the waters that made them calm, thus creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquilty.

December 16th is dedicated to the Goddess Sophia. According to Hebrew philosophy, Sophia is the personification of wisdom, the inner wisdom that functions of itself. Many Greek churches were dedicate to Sophie and in the Sistine Chapel’s painting of God rreaching out a finger to touch Adam, she appears behind God. A Gnostic Aeon, Sophia was so filled with the desire to generate out of herself, without a spouse, that she gave birth to the whole cosmos, including a daughter Sophia Akhamoth, who in turn began to generate, but on a lower and denser place. It it Sophia Akhamoth who in turn began to generate but on lower and denser plane.  It is Sophia Akhamoth who brings wisdom to humankind.