Daily Crystal: Aquamarine

This magnificent rough stone came from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil and was named “Dom Pedro” after the two emperors of Brazil: Dom Pedro Primeiro and Dom Pedro Segundo. Weighing 24,875 grams, this blue variety of Beryl known as “Aqua Marina” or “Aquamarine” was 10,363 carats and 23 1/4 inches (59 cm) Tall. The largest aquamarine ever located was the ‘Papamel Aquamarine’ at 552,500 carats, found in 1910.


The “Dom Pedro” stone was cut by Bernd Munsteiner to create the sculpture “Waves of the Sea” (right) in 1993. This single Aquamarine gemstone sculpture is 13 13/16 inches (35 cm) tall.

Enlarge 1400 x 1400
Munsteiner Dom Pedro Aquamarine


 A powerful crystal bringing the ability to think more clearly  and
make quick decisions.  The Elders used this powerful crystal to heal the eyes
and throat.

  • Brings spiritual purification to one’s entire being, as it allow the inner
    self to better pursue one’s Higher Ideals.
  • Keeps attachments to the mundane world in perspective.
  • Brings inner tranquility, calming nervous tension.  Allows for clearer
  • Allows for communication with higher planes.

  • Invokes a high state of consciousness and spiritual awareness.
  • Gently realigns the spiritual and physical bodies.
  • Releases intuitive communication on all levels.
  • Provides an overall sense of well-being.

  • Works with the Throat Chakra, including the faculties of speech and
  • Promotes motivation and comforts in times of intense physical and
    emotional release, while supporting one through the process.
  • Reminds us of love and caring through times of change in one’s life,
    path and purpose.
  • Brings about core soul repair.

  • Aides in soul retrieval and heals deeply on all levels.
  • An excellent stone to make changes in your life.
  • Assists you to hold true to your inner spiritual self.


Key Words: Communication, Communication of the Heart, Soothing
Chakra: Heart(4th), Throat(5th)
Element: Water
Aquamarine can help you speak your highest truth. People who have a difficult time communicating can do well wearing a piece of Aquamarine jewelry around their neck. It is especially helpful for communications of the heart. If you are having a hard time expressing your feelings to a loved one, start working with Aquamarine. It is also soothing. If you suffer from anger, pain, or heartbreak, Aquamarine can help to soften the pain. It can be very beneficial for those who are experiencing a lot of grief.


Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It provides a shielding property for the aura and the subtle bodies. It helps to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness; for those who are involved in spiritual development, it provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection with the higher self. It enables one to travel deep within the self. Carry Aquamarine to provide a protective layer around your energy field and create stability within your field. Use your crystal to open up to spiritual energies and increase your awareness.

Chakras: Frontal, Soul Star, Third Eye, Throat
Astrological sign: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces


The aquamarine is a semiprecious stone of the beryl variety, making it related to emeralds. Because of its pale blue-green color it has been associated with water since ancient times. Its name is derived from the Latin for “water” and “sea.” Aquamarine beads have been found in ancient Egyptian mummy pits. The Romans were the first to record uses for aquamarine gemstones as a healing agent.

    As a Healing Agent

  1. Because the aquamarine is associated with water, it is believed to have curative powers over those areas of the human body relating to water and cleansing. Thus, the gemstone is used in crystal healing rituals concerning matters of the kidneys and the bladder or dealing with water (or fluid) retention. The crystal is used for its diuretic properties and ability to maintain a proper balance of fluid within the body. As in ancient times, the stone is still considered helpful in dealing with chronic issues, most especially those relating to digestive problems. Drinking water in which an aquamarine has been immersed is believed to help with an acidic stomach. It may also help with ulcers and other inflammation. Modern crystal healers also use aquamarine to deal with glandular disorders and as an aid in maintaining healthy eyes.
  2. Additional Healing Benefits

  3. Because aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, wearing an aquamarine necklace is believed to cure sore throats or even tonsillitis. Aquamarine can also help with toothaches or aches of the jaw in general. Wearing or gazing into the gem is said to produce a soothing effect. Thus, aquamarines ease mental issues as well as physical. Aquamarine is good for mental stress. It eases depression and grief by gently brightening the aura. It can sharpen the memory and improve mental clarity while heightening your awareness on all levels. While calming the mind, it also stimulates creativity. And drinking aquamarine water is thought to reverse the aging process. Aquamarine is also worn to improve blood circulation.
  4. Magical Uses

  5. Aquamarines are said to possess receptive energy and are ruled by the moon. Their element of influence is, naturally, water. They are said to imbue the wearer with psychic powers and feelings of peace and courage. They are also used for purification. A simple tincture can be made by leaving an aquamarine in a glass of water beneath the full moon. It should sit this way for three hours. Then remove the stone and drink the water both for purification benefits and to heighten psychic awareness. As it has been since ancient times, aquamarine is carried as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water.

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