Happy WhirlWind Monday Dear Friends!

I don’t know if it is a whirlwind Monday or a manic Monday? I must apologize for us running late. We had a call come in from a local Vet for an animal pick-up. I took the call and the Vet made me promise not to tell Lady A what she was coming to pick up. It is a turkey vulture, ugh! Lady A won’t refuse to pick it up, nurse it back to health and then re-release. She tells us that the vulture is one animal that creeps her out. And she is hard to creep out. I admit myself I like holding and cuddling with some of the animals we get. But you won’t find me cuddling with a turkey vulture, no way. As soon as she get back with it and gets it settled I will take a photo of it. Then you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

Lady had just started up her computer as I took the phone call. She told me I could use it for the day. I wonder what kind of goodies she has hide on this thing, hmm. I think the Countess told everyone that the firefighter destroyed my computer. Lady A has a regular PC, she is going to bring down here for me to use. It is one she has stored several old Books of Shadows on. I can’t wait to get it and snoop through it. She has already told me I could use anything I find on it. Which means one of two things, she has already wiped it cleaned or I can actually use anything on it? Time for me to quit dreaming and get to work. If I don’t have something done by the time she gets back, she will think I have been playing on this one.

Have a blessed day,


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