Finding the Triple God

Because Wicca places a great importance on the archetype of a Triple Goddess, I question why there isn’t a Triple God?  Though I found several attempts at creating one on various web sites, I did not find one that seemed to me much a good counterpart to the Triple Goddess.

Having failed to find one that made sense to me, I decided to create my own.  To build this archetype, I created the following requirements.

  1. Just as all three titles in the maiden/mother/crone were easily identifiable as feminine, I needed parallel titles that were recognized as male.  Titles like “hunter” or “youth” would not work because you could not identify the gender.  For example, Raven Grimassi’s triple god consisting of The Hooded One, The Horned One and The Old One did not work for me because I could not identify the gender of each of these.  I also wanted to stay contemporary and identify titles that would be evident today and not worry about statements like “men used to be the primary hunters.”
  2. I wanted to reflect the life-cycle of a man…

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