Your Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 15th


You are a little too focused on your work, career, or the daily grind at the moment. There is money coming, but you are acting like you are terrified the world will come to a halt if your fingers are not worn down to the nubs. Take a break, would you?


You are way overdue for some fun. You have been working too hard lately, and your body is screaming “Slow down!” at you. That may manifest in the form of a cold, some aches and pains, or strange coincidences that push you out of “”ork think” into “play mode”.


Your family members, loved ones or relatives may gripe about the amount of time you spend working, but they have no complaints about spending the proceeds. You just may have to point that out to them today. You may be surprised and gratified when the response is one of sheepish apology.


This is definitely not a good time to go shopping for cell phones, computers, PDAs and other electronic or communication devices. They are likely to be the wrong model, break down easily or be more costly in the long run than you had anticipated. If you must buy these toys, get good warrantees.


You will be strongly tempted to comfort-spend today. Be careful, that gigantic bargain could turn into a white elephant as soon as you pull out of the shopping mall’s parking lot. Leave impulsive purchases for another day when you are more clear about what you really want.


You may have an opportunity to take on a leadership role or to stand above the crowd today, but don’t let new authority go to your head. You may find that some of the people you counted on to be supportive will have to be wooed and pursued.


You feel anxious and uncertain and don’t know why. You need a feeling of greater stability around you and will be reaching out for trustworthy advice and feedback. A friend or companion could provide the insight you are seeking. Your mood will come around when you sort out the details.


Don’t go traveling with close friends or in groups if you have a choice. You may find that commuters are erratic today, making sudden lane changes without signaling, cutting you off. Don’t take it personally. They aren’t doing it on purpose, they are just distracted and careless today.


You might have to make some hard choices about your career, but it’s all ultimately for a good cause. You could let go of something you thought you needed, only to find out it was that very thing getting in the way of your getting ahead.


Communication, travel and higher education will be on your mind, but mundane gossip and distractions from people close to you are keeping you from setting your goals and sticking to them. While there is good news coming, you may be forced to shout “Quiet!” several times today.


Your value system or personal resources may be challenging to a friendship in some way. “You’ve changed!” is the lament, and there may be some truth to it. People do sometimes grow together, and sometimes they grow apart. You can’t go backwards.


Your mate or partner may be insisting you “settle down”, or vice versa. Somehow there will be issues involving commitment, stability, security and-or the children in your lives. Communication is the key – talking things out will actually help, give it a try!

All About Thursday

Thursday is the fourth day of the week according to the ISO 8601 international standard adopted in most western countries. In countries that use the Sunday-first convention and in the Judeo-Christian calendar it is the fifth day of the week. It falls between Wednesday and Friday. The name is derived from Old English Þūnresdæg and Middle English Thuresday, which means “Thor’s day”.

Cultural practices involving Thursday

In Australia, most cinema movies premieres are held on Thursdays. Also, most Australians are paid on a Thursday, either weekly or fortnightly. Shopping Malls see this as an opportunity to open longer than usual, generally until 9 pm, as most pay cheques are cleared by Thursday morning.

In Norway, Thursday has also traditionally been the day when most shops and malls are open later than on the other weekdays, although the majority of shopping malls now are open until 8 pm or 9 pm every weekday.

In the United States, Thursday nights are held for prime time television broadcasts of college and NFL professional football games.

Thirsty Thursday

For college and university students, Thursday is sometimes referred to as the new Friday. There are often fewer classes on Fridays and more opportunities to hold parties on Thursday night and sleep in on Friday. As a consequence, some call Thursday “thirstday” or “thirsty Thursday”.