WOTC Spell Of The Day for Aug. 12: The Daisy Spell

The Daisy Spell

The purpose of this spell is to help you discover your life’s task.

Items You Will Need:

  • One stick of sandalwood incense in a holder
  • One white 6 to 8 inch candle
  • Matches
  • One sewing needle
  • Seven daisies, freshly picked

Time To Cast:

  • The best time to cast this spell is on the night of the Full Moon

The Spell:

  • After you have casted your circle, light the incense, then the candle.
  • Using the needle, make a daisy chain by piercing a hole near the end of six of them and threading them together in a ring.
  • Holding the remaining daisy in your left hand, remove the petals one by one, chanting the following lines in order of their removal:






The word on which the last petal is shed indicates which gifts you have to offer others:

Maker:  you have the gift of creating things of great practical use or beauty.

Shaker:  you have the ability to get thing changed by word and action.

Carer:  your strength lies in supporting others.

Sharer:  you are a negotiator, a peacemaker, and one who achieves justice and fairness.

Healer:  you have the gift of healing.

  • Place the daisy chain under your pillow, as dreams over the next seven nights will offer further clues to your life’s task.
    The Spells Bible
    by Ann-Marie Gallagher