Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 31st


You will likely be the centre of attention amid a large group of people today. You may be tempted to blow your own horn just a little too much. A true leader does not have to broadcast their presence, they simply inspire followers. You will find that if you are more subtle today, you’ll be more effective.


You have powerful insights, vivid dreams, and flashes of intuition today that can powerfully enhance your life. You are about to undergo some changes in your love life, which will add some sparkle to your eyes, and some spring to your footsteps.


It will be an unusual day with many surprises, especially where it comes to friends, companions and neighbors. You may have an opportunity to make a huge impact on your neighborhood or community with the help of those you are closest to.


You will find yourself in a new career position as a result of some action or project you are undertaking. Don’t be afraid to pitch your wild and dramatic ideas, that’s what can get you noticed right now. You are heading off to do corporate battle.


Your energy shoots way up and you have the ability to make terrific strides today. You could be looking into classes, seminars or online courses, and a life-changing trip could be on the horizon. Plan carefully, while it will be a great experience there are likely to be great changes.


Financial benefits and good intuition combine today to bring you into a much more positive frame of mind. You’ll be something of a magnet for opportunity so make sure you are able to act quickly to take advantage. You may decide to treat yourself to a spa treatment soon.


There is opportunity for romance indicated in your chart today. If you are still single, you should get out and have some fun tonight. You could meet someone who shares your interests and passions, who is able to tweak your energy and creativity.


You are dreaming about the perfect career today, and it is possible that a dream opportunity could fall into your lap. Don’t be afraid to make a risky bet on yourself. If you don’t go after this chance you will never know if you really had a chance.


Fun, fun fun! That’s all that is on your mind right now, but the daily realities make keep intruding into your play plans. You may first have to set aside some time to organize your responsibilities so that you can get away to an entertainment or sporting event.


Home improvement classes or a long-planned home renovation are wonderful ways for you to enjoy yourself and build enjoyment and-or equity in your home. If you do not already own a home, you could find that it is easier than you think to get started down the path to home ownership.


The phone is going to be ringing off the hook today. The positive calls will come from friends and loved ones. Your social life is on the upswing. The challenging calls come from coworkers, employers or demanding customers making last-minute changes to everything.


Things are looking a lot better financially today. You could receive that cheque that has been in the mail, or hear news about an upcoming raise, bonus or promotion. You may be taking an Internet course that could boost your earning potential.