Both the Egyptians and Babylonians scryed by means of an oil lamp. The lamp itself was in fact a stone shaped as a low open dish with a strip of white linen coiled in the oil that had an end hanging over the end of the dish.

 The Egyptians used clear Oasis oil which was a kind of palm oil. The clearer the oil the better.

The Egyptians used a lamp that was red in colour which is the colour of the God Set. Set is in fact the God of evil.

It may be advisable for you to use a white lamp. Place your lamp on a table and sit on the west side facing east across the lamp.

You should address your invocation to the Greco Roman God who rules the day you scry on.

Sunday : Sun.

Monday : Moon.

Tuesday : Mars.

Wednesday : Mercury.

Thursday : Jupiter.

Friday : Venus.

Saturday : Saturn.

Using the name of the God of the day you should chant a suitable invocation doing so directly into the flame. This invocation should be chanted in a soft voice and done so several times.

Gently focus on the flames of the lamp. You will begin to see moving shadows off to the side.

Do not look directly at the shadows or they will vanish. Ask the shadows what it is you seek.

You may hear voices or you may see images.