It would be wonderful if……

the news you heard this morning was actually current. I went to do a post on North Korea finding a reportedly Unicorn Lair. Now I had just heard it about ten minutes ago on the Today Show. I went to get more details and come to find out the story is two days old. What? Why on earth is our current news  not current?

I give up on posting about their find. I thought it was actually “breaking” news, ha! Instead, I will give you the link to the two day old news……

North Korea Has Found a Secret Unicorn Lair, Apparently

Did you know…

Did you know…

From Wikipedia’s newest articles:

Three bats flying over a misty placid lake. The bat in the foreground is about to swoop down and take a drink from the surface of the lake.

  • … that the many examples of extinct 48-million year old bat genus Palaeochiropteryx (life restoration pictured) found in the Messel lake may have drowned after being rendered unconscious in flight by poisonous volcanic gases?
  • … that Paratroop dog Glen of the 9th Parachute Battalion was killed during the Normandy Landings and is buried in a British war cemetery?
  • … that NGO PSCORE uses the term Corea to promote North Korean and South Korean unity?
  • … that at the 2008 Games, Nick Woodbridge and Sam Weale became the first British men to compete in Olympic modern pentathlon since 1996?
  • … that the evergreen juniper haircap moss is believed to be a powerful diuretic?
  • … that Valentino Garavani cited the moment Julia Roberts collected her Academy Award for Best Actress wearing his gown as the high point of his 45-year career?
  • … that according to The Dog Pillow, wearing armour without underwear makes one’s hair stand on end?