It’s That Time Of The Week, For My Opinion!

Good Afternoon dear friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. Man, doesn’t time fly by these days? I know it does for me. Time I turn around tomorrow will be Friday and time for the weekend again, lol!

I got to thinking that I hadn’t chatted with you in about a week or two (I mean really chatted). I figure perhaps once a week you can hopefully stand to hear me discuss something serious, lol! When I say serious, I mean like politics, social issues, happenings in the news, predictions, forecasts, basically anything that motivates me to speak on it. For me to sit down and write an article from the heart I have to feel passionate about it. The topic has to stir me to do some long hard thinking on it. I just can’t sit down to write to be writing, I don’t believe the authors of the books can either. So I am in good company!

I have been giving it some serious thought about the Mayan Prediction of the world coming to an end. I know I brought this subject up once before. At that time, I said I believed that the Mayans has predicted their own morality. They believe they would live to the year 2012 and that would be it. No more Mayan civilization, that is why the calendar stopped at 2012. It was not our end by their own end.

The logical side of me still believes that but the other side, oh brother! That side is running wild with all these crazy thoughts. Perhaps they really aren’t as crazy as I think. You see every month, I do all the Planetary and Space occurrences for that month. I have started to mentally keep count of all the strange events I run across. The number of Full Moons we have, the Eclipses, the Meteor and Asteroid Showers, everything. Maybe it is just because I have started to keep up with these happenings. Maybe these events occur all the time and I just have never noticed them till now. But it does seem odd to me, all of the Solar activity that has been going on.

Next, I have a woman at the doctor’s office to thank for this line of thinking. She asked the nurse, “how am I suppose to get my medicine when the world ends?” The poor nurse didn’t know what to say. I surprised she didn’t send her back in to get her medicine changed. So off my little mind goes on that train of thought. First, how would the world end? We have been having quite a few natural disasters and the weather has been so strange. Could it be that we are going to be wiped out by Mother Earth? I live on the New Madrid Fault Line, so one shake and I am gone (of course, if the uranium enrichment plant doesn’t get me first :s).

What would life be like after a natural disaster had wiped us out? I can imagine it but I don’t want too. Your house destroyed or in rumble. No electricity, no water, no phone, no internet. And that’s just at your house. Imagine what the world would be like? The roadways would be destroyed. No interstates for our trucks to deliver food on, the railroad tracks would be destroyed and the same thing for them. I guess that woman at the doctor’s office did bring up food for thought? Medicine is important, I take enough of it. So that would definitely be a concern. Food, the food you have now in your pantries would run out. Then how are you going to eat. Go to the store. If you can get there, I would imagine by then they have all been vandalized.

Would we be in a matter of seconds put back in the Stone Age? No lights. Sitting at home at night in the dark. Nothing to do at light. I been through that with the Ice Storm that came through here. We were without power for 13 days. I felt like I was living in the 1800’s. We had no way to heat the home because it is all electric. We depended on kerosene heaters and a LP camping stove to keep warm by. We would get everything done during the day and when dusk hit, go to bed. I remember if you wanted to take a hot bath, heating the water up on the LP stove. Ah, what a pain! I don’t see how people lived back then. I would imagine they had a very rough life. If they could see us today, their jaws would drop clean off, lol!

There are lots of things I haven’t mentioned, like the hospitals, communicating with your loved ones, getting to a doctor, people on breathing machines or need oxygen, getting medicine, and the list goes on and on and on. I don’t mean to scare anyone nor do I mean to be all doom and gloom. That’s not my intention at all. I do live on the New Madrid fault line. And anyone else that lives near or on a Earthquake zone, knows to have an emergency kit ready at all times. It never hurts to be prepared at all. The kits are something we fixed up and stuck in a spare closet. We know we have it if we need it. The kit is just made up of simple common sense items: food for 3 to 4 days (canned), can opener, batteries, clothes for 3 to 4 days, coats, blankets, some tools to turn off gas lines, and a first aid kit. See nothing too uncommon at all.

I hope you get more out of this post, than I am just a nut. It took over dramatization just to get me to prepare a emergency kit. I hope I have over dramatized for you enough now, that you will take a moment to fix a kit. These days you never know. I know people around here that even threw in gas masks in their kits, yep, that’s the truth! But you don’t know anymore from one day to the next what is going to happen. Seriously take a moment and put a few things together.

I will admit I have one heck of a vivid imagination. But I am still betting that December 21, 2012 is not the end of our world. I honestly believe that the Mayans had stopped the calendar there because they predicted their own end. Nothing more, nothing less. They knew nothing lived forever and they would eventually come to an end like everything else.

It goes without saying, we are all just mortals. Put on this plane for a short time, then we move on to the next. While we are here and have the lives we have, we should cherish every moment. Take nothing for granted. Stop and kiss our loved ones, tell them how much we love them. None of us know how long we are here for (and I don’t believe we are meant too, either), so let’s make the best of it.

And anyway, I would seriously hate to think I had to communicate with all of you over tin cans and a string, lol!

Joy! Joy! It’s Tuesday again!

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy! I hope you are having a hilarious Tuesday, I know I certainly am. I don’t know if I mentioned it yesterday but I had to take my kitty to the vet.. Nothing major, just rabies and the start of an ear mite infesion. But these days ear mites aren’t ear mites anymore???? It is a yeast infection. You ought to have seen my face when the vet told me my male cat has a yeast infection. I almost cracked up. But then I have this little Pomeranian in the floor jumping up and down to be picked up. Yeah, I took both of them. I felt sorry for Kiki. She looked so pitiful when I put the harness on Stinky. She knew we were leaving without her. So I said the heck with it, why not? I have never been known to have good sense anyway, lol. She ended up getting her claws clipped and (I don’t know if I should say this or not so I will do it the gentlest way I know of saying it) she got her glands done. I have always been use to big dogs. A little dog has so much that needs to be done to it. I was taking her to a groomers but both of them when out of business. I took her to a chain animal store and they ended up cutting the top little pad off. I would tell you what my reaction was. So now we go to the vet to get her claws done. When we got through at the vet’s, I looked like I had been attacked by a Bengal Tiger. The bad news he has to go back in two weeks to get checked.

Yesterday, I spent money right and left. Money which we don’t have to throw away right now. I got worried this morning about how much I had spent. I figured and I figured and I kept coming up with I HAD MONEY. I do good to keep a $1 in the checking account. I never have an excess. So I got to thinking something has to be wrong. I went in the kitchen to get the bills, there were no bills. None. Nada. Nothing. I liked to have freaked. I could see all these men coming out to the house and disconnecting everything we had. So I called all the utilities and got the amounts I owned them and the dates due. Then after all that excitement, I called the Post Office. A funny little story about this Post Office. When we first moved out here my son sold alot of stuff on Ebay. He sold a game to a person in Guam. We went to the Post Office and they wanted to know where Guam was. What part of Europe is Guam in? My son and myself both looked at each other like these people have got to be kidding! I told them it was a United States Providence and it should have a zip code on it. She ended up bringing a globe over to the desk and we showed her where Guam was.  Our joke is if you go to the Post Office be sure you know where your package is going and also able to drive them driving directions. Gee, I never seen anything like it. But I got ahold of the Post Master and he assured me that he would personally look into the matter. I feel so comforted now, lol!

But between nursing my Tiger’s attack and cleaning up half the house already I am having a great day. After we got back last night, hubby had packed up all his stuff and took it down to his room. I had almost forgot what my sofa looked like. Oh, it feels good to have that room clean. I hate a mess. But I didn’t gripe, bitch or way a word to him. He told me he just figured he was making a mess all the time and I was getting tired of cleaning it up. I think really it had something to do with me not picking up his crap for two days, lol! He did it and didn’t like it, tough. I gave him my retirement speech and I guess it did. I think he is trying to be super nice were I will forget about him going back to work because I want a car.

Really I think we all should go out and buy the biggest houses we can find. Get maids, butlers, cooks, they whole nice yards. By five or six of those fancy foreign jobs known as cars. Just get our hands on anything our little greedy paws can get. Now we have to do this around September of 2012. That way we will go out in luxury. Remember the Mayan predicion for the world ending in December 2012. I forgot we don’t pay for nothing. Now when it is time for them to come and get everything, the world would have come to an end and what would it really matter then who had what, lol! I told hubby my little scheme the other night and he called me crazy. I thought it was a good idea, anyway. Besides we just had an earthquake, it was a little one but still it was an earthquake. We are sitting right on the New Madrid Fault Line. So if the earth opens up, we will fall in. I live in Tornado Alley and on the New Madrid Fault Line and I forgot to mention the Uranium plant about a mile away. Well I was in a good mood, I just killed that. I am off to post. Ya’ll have a great day for tomorrow I might be posting for the center of the earth, lol!!

Blessings to you and yours!