Crystal of the Day for April 5 – Aragonite

Crystal of the Day for April 5 – Aragonite


Colours: White, Yellow, Gold, Green, Blue, Brown
Source: Britain, Namibia, Spain
Energy: Projective/Receptive
Planet: Saturn
Elements: Earth
Mineralogy: F
ormed hydrothermally or in a sedimentary process.
Spiritual Uses: Stabilises spiritual developments that are moving too fast, leading to excessive demands or to a decrease in interest.
Emotional Uses:
Calming in cases of oversensitivity and inner restlessness.
Physical Uses:
Regulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.
Magical Properties: Healing, stimulates communication with higher planes. Meditation, centering.


Crystal of the Day for August 16th is Azurite

A popular crystal for its beautiful deep blue colour; this stone has a startling blue edge, which is the key to its healing powers. Azurite forms when copper ores oxidize. It is associated with the green mineral malachite, with which it shares a similar chemical structure. In the Middle Ages, powdered azurite was used as a blue pigment in paints and dyes. As it absorbed atmospheric moisture, it used to oxidize to malachite, which explains why the sky is green in some early Renaissance paintings. The two minerals can be found in a form called azurite-malachite, which is excellent for “clearing out” deep-rooted emotions. The finest large azurite crystals come from Namibia.

Identification and care

  • Small crystals appear a powdery blue and are often small, round nodules.

  • Large crystals are often very dark and shiny, with an electric-blue edge.

  • Crystals are soft, so need careful handling.

  • Do not clean nodules in water


  • Helps you to achieve swift results

  • Reveals mysteries

  • Transmits messages from the unknown

Healing Functions

  • Accesses deep levels of body-consciousness

  • Draws out memories or old stress, allowing them to be released in healing.

  • Improves communication and creative flow

Practical ideas

  • To encourage expansion of consciousness, place four pieces of azurite on and around the body; one above the crown, one either side of the head and one at the solar plexus