Your Daily Feng Shui Tip for December 12th

Every year on ‘Poinsettia Day’ I like to recall the mystical legend surrounding this magical plant. Native to Mexico, the story is told of Maria and Pablo, two poor children who lived in a tiny Mexican village. They could not afford Christmas gifts but they loved to attend the holiday festivities at their local church. To honor the birth of Christ the church would display a beautiful manger that drew crowds of admirers from villages all around. Maria and Pablo bemoaned the fact that they could not bring a gift to manger until one day when they were walking to the church and a bright light shone above them. An angel told them to pick some of the green weeds growing by the side of the road and to place them near the manger as their gift to the Baby Jesus. The angel was gone as quickly as it appeared, leaving the children confused but also filling their arms with bunches of the wild weeds. When they arrived at the manger the other villagers laughed at them for bringing such a worthless gift. But the two stood bravely by, placing the plants on the soft hay surrounding the manger. Suddenly the green leaves began to turn a lovely shade of red, surrounding the baby with beautiful blooms that then transformed into the lovely star shaped crimson flowers that we now call poinsettias. Perhaps during this season of light you would like to make some angelic magic of your own? According to other ancient legends you can do just that by invoking the intercession of Angel Eliel, an invisible presence that promises to bring the magic to your wishes. Call his name three times and ask that he grant your wish. Amazing grace will bloom and grow indeed!

By Ellen Whitehurst for