Your Horoscope Health Advisory

By Annie B. Bond

Every sun-sign of the zodiac has health issues that are associated with it.  Best to have a heads-up!

By taking special care of yourself and your possible trouble-areas now, you  clear the way for better overall health. (A note from Cait: I just recovered  from a nasty kidney infection after ignoring the symptoms for awhile. If only  I’d read this great little book earlier: kidney problems are often associated  with my sign. Now I know to pay better attention!)

Use that ounce of prevention: get your sun-sign health advisory right here:

Aries, March 21-April 19: Fevers, inflammatory complaints, wounds, accidents.

Taurus, April 20-May 21: Weakness in the throat or neck, congestion in the  chest, afflictions arising from diet.

Gemini, May 22-June 20: Afflictions of the shoulders, lungs and chest;  biliousness, nervous debility, nervous diseases.

Cancer, June 21-July 22: Chest injuries, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia,  diseases of the stomach, particularly those associated with worry.

Leo, July 23- Aug 22: Injuries to the heart, eyes, back, and spine; weakness  of the heart, angina, spinal afflictions, lumbago, eye diseases.

Virgo, Aug 23-Sept 22: Ailments of the abdomen and intestines, digestive  debility.

Libra, Sept 23-Oct 22: Kidney stones, sciatica, eczema, skin eruptions,  kidney disease, nephritis, lumbago, worry, overstrained nerves.

Scorpio, Oct 23-Nov 21: All ailments of the genitals, bladder and rectum,  inflammations, nervous ills, worry, mental stress.

Sagittarius, Nov 22-Dec 21: Rheumatism or arthritis in the hips, thighs, and  lower limbs; sciatica, sprains, hip dislocation, fracture of the thighs; nervous  disorders, lung and throat afflictions, bronchitis, high blood pressure.

Capricorn, Dec 22-Jan 19: Childhood ills, illness and injury that affects the  knees, skin diseases, chills, arthritis, toothache, earache, migraine and  headache, depression, anxiety neurosis, mood swings.

Aquarius, Jan 20-Feb 18: Weakness and injury affecting the ankles,  depression, anxiety, nervous disorders, spasms, paralysis, convulsive disorders,  broken bones, poor circulation, varicose veins, rheumatism, electric shocks,  danger from lightning.

Pisces, Feb 19-March 20: Injury and ailments concerning the feet, chills,  dropsy, malfunctioning liver, infectious diseases.