September 30 – Daily Feast

September 30 – Daily Feast

Careless words and controversial thought can hang on the invisible like dust clouds and clog thinking and comprehension like the webs of cobbies. Personal space should be kept as clean as the plate you eat off of – and you should never open the door to heedless opinion. The atmosphere swarms with spoken words – and most are hostile and hardened by experience. If each of us could see with the naked eye our own personal words, even without the multitudes that belong to others, we would be appalled. The computer shows what is preserved on the Internet, but think what people verbally send into the ethers – and every word frozen in time.

~ Black Hawk is a true Indian. He feels for his wife and children, his friends….they will suffer. He laments their fate. ~

BLACK HAWK – SAC, Circa 1800

‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

*NEW* NASA Image of the Day for Sept. 20 – Sikorsky Helicopter

Sikorsky Helicopter

In this image taken in 1944, one of Langley Research Center’s Sikorsky YR-4B/HNS-1 helicopters is seen in the 30 x 60 Full Scale Tunnel. A technician sets up camera equipment for stop-action rotor-blade photos. The Sikorsky Company built hundreds of R-4 helicopters during World War II. It was the first mass-produced helicopter.

Image Credit: NASA