Special Kitty Of The Day for March 15th

Eliot, the Cat of the Day
Name: Eliot
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico
Home: North Hollywood, California, USA
Iadopted Eliot (nickname Ellie) in 1998 and am so lucky to still have her after two bouts of Hepatic Lipidosis (liver disease). The first time was when she was six and I prayed and prayed she would not go just yet, even though the vet recommended putting her down, because she is the most loving, fun, feisty, attentive cat I could ever hope for. I have two other cats and Eliot always manages to take center stage when the other two come around. The second time she was hospitalized was right after she turned thirteen. I know I had been fortunate to have her double her life span but I still visited her twice daily at the hospital to let her know how much I love her. She recovered! I know now she came into my life as a healing force for me and I guess she knew that I could use a bit more and I thank her for that! Eliot is a female who’s named after a female writer, George Eliot, who had to use a male’s name in order to get published.

Eliot can be sleeping at one moment and suddenly get up and run through the house like someone’s chasing her. She leaps to the top of her pet condo with so much force that it shakes! Her pupils widen and after about three laps in the house, she settles. She loves a few games, especially the one where I cover her up (like with a light kitchen towel) and then quickly pull it off her. She loves to grab at it and whenever she feels satiated, she just lets the towel fall on her one last time and takes a nap covered up. Whenever a new toy comes into the house she has first shot at it, whether the other two like it or not! She’s the only cat out of three that calls me from another room to ask to get settled for a nap, either in one of the bedroom drawers, or under the bed covers. Or she’ll call from the bathroon for me to turn the faucet on for her so that she can drink from it. While I’m on the computer she wants to be held and wraps herself around my neck, making it difficult for me to move but I love when she does that! She’s the cleaner of the house. She cleans both the other two cats, whether they like it or not! She’s actually very high maintenance but I do love that she returns all my attention with so much by wanting to be wherever I am. Oh! I hear her now! She wants help getting under the bed covers, gotta go!