Today’s Magickal Spell for July 16 – A Tree Spell for Strengthening Your Own Identity


A Tree Spell for Strengthening Your Own Identity

If you are under a lot of pressure to conform to others’ wishes and you know this will compromise your happiness and perhaps integrity, try this spell. It absorbs the strength of a mighty tree, such as an oak or ash, to help you to resist and maintain your independence.

You Will Need:

A long cord or rope that will loop around the tree; a sturdy old tree

Best Time To Cast:


The Spell:

Tie one end of the rope or cord loosely around the trunk of the tree and then hold the other end taut, as far away as possible  from the trunk.

Slowly wind the rope deosil (clockwise) around the tree until you are touching the loop on the trunk, as you do so saying repeatedly:

Empowering tree,

Empower me,

Knot binding,

Knot finding,

Knot winding,

Preserve, I ask,

My identity.

Touch the connection of the rope to the tree and say softly:

I would be free,

Empowered by thee,

So may it be!

Now reverse the movements, unwinding the rope from around the trunk as fast as possible. This time chant:

Empowering me,

Releasing me,

Knot unbinding,

Knot not finding,

Knot unwinding.

Returned is

My identity.

With a final tug, pull the rope free, as you do so shouting:

Knot untie,

Power fly,

Fly free.

Forever be!