The Wicca Book of Days for March 4th – Regal Rhiannon

The Wicca Book of Days for March 4th

Regal Rhiannon

Rhiannon, a Celtic Goddess who was initially linked with the moon and livestock, was traditionally venerated on this day in pre-Christian Wales. Initially, Rhiannon was known as the wife of Pwyll, the king of Dyfed, and as the mother of Pryderi who was falsely accused of killing her infant son.  Later tales credited her with powers of enchantment and equated her with Nimue and Viviane, both of whom may be identified with the Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend. As a Lunar Goddess, Rhiannon was envisaged riding a white mare and surrounded by flocks of small birds honoring her as the bringer of the seasons


The Power of Four

The number four has many harmonious associations, being th number of balance and the earth, as well as of the four elements, seasons, and cardinal directions. A square, which has four equal sides, symbolize four, so perhaps wear a square ring, pendant or brooch today.

Saint of the Day for July 6th is St. Teilo

Saint of the Day

St. Teilo

6th century

Welsh bishop, also called Eliud, Issell, Teillo, Teilou, Dub, and Theliau. A native of Penally, Pembrokshire, Wales, he studied under Sts. Dyfrig and Dubricius. He accompanied the famed St. David ofWales to Jerusalem and was a friend and assistant to St. Samson in Brittany, France, for seven years. Returning to Wales in 554, he was quite successful as a preacher and founded and served as abbot-bishop of Llandaff monastery in Dyfed, Wales. He was buried in Llandaff Cathedral.