Kozy Kitten of the Day for May 24th


Name: Rudolph
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair, Cornish Rex
Home: Surrey, United Kingdom
Here is a picture of one of my rescue kittens, Rudolf. He is a Domestic Shorthair Cornish Rex cross, and along with his brother is full of mischief, as you can see when I snapped him in the top of my apple tree. I’m actually standing on a step ladder to take the photo. Both he and his brother Dasher are adorable little monkeys. Nothing is safe or sacred when they go on the rampage. They are all but inseparable and tend to sleep in a tangled heap together. It is so satisfying to have taken them from the little concrete ‘cell’ at the rescue centre.

Rudolf is in the foreground of the picture with his brother. His fur was a bit strange at first probably because of the Cornish Rex genes – they usually have curly fur. He looked like a Gremlin, but now his fur has settled down to a normal medium length texture. He is very affectionate, if I bend down and tap my knees he takes a running jump up for a cuddle.

His favourite game is a choice between chasing the laser pointer or sitting on my lap trying to eat my fingers! He also loves to chase flies around the house, and he doesn’t care what he knocks over to get them! He is also very clever, if I leave the food cupboard open he picks up the packet of cat treats and runs off with them, he also loves to play with the water from the tap in the kitchen sink. I love him very much!


Special Kitty of the Day for February 17th

Buddy, the Cat of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: East Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Hi!! My name is Buddy. I am rambunctious and very playfull!!!

My Meowmie, who rescues guys like me and finds them great homes, came upon me after a woman called her to say she was going into a battered women’s shelter and couldn’t take me with her. She promised to come back for me once she found a permanent place to live. That never happened and I was very sad. I went to live with a cranky old man named Hal, who wanted desperately to mold me into his old RB cat. I love being in high places. But Hal would get angry and spray me with water and swat me with a newspaper.

After enduring six months of Hal’s wrath, Meowmie finally said enough was enough. She and got me. Because she was maxed out in her fur population, she asked a friend to foster me until a furever home could be found. I hated being alone. I would sit in the window and cry. Meowmie must have heard my cries, because after a month, she called her friend and told her I was coming home to live with her and my other fur sibs.

While I love my fur sibs, I had a rocky start. I was confused because didn’t know where I belonged. I peed on the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor. Meowmie took me to the white coats to rule out a UTI. After a couple of squirts of Feliway in the air, and lots of loving, I knew I was home for good.

Meowmie has been through a lot during the past two years. After losing two of my kitty siblings to the RB, she was inconsolable. It was only after I did my magic by knocking things off the shelf, did she start to laugh. I love making Meowmie laugh.

I have my Meowmie trained very well. First thing in the morning, when she has her first cup of coffee, I’m right there to supervise the pouring of Half & Half. I am rewarded by my own little “sippy” of the rich, creamy liquid. When she says, “Buddy, kiss-kiss”, I oblige by tilting my head her way for a smooch. I also have my own personal ceramic pet fountain. It’s called the bathroom sink. Meowmie leaves the water running so I can drink at my leisure. My favorite spot is on top of the refrigerator or the top shelf in the kitchen.

I’m very happy here and now know where I belong and that I am loved unconditionally!

Special Kitty of the Day for December 24th

Sparkle, the Cat of the Day
Name: Sparkle
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic short hair
Home: British Columbia, Canada
This is my lovely cat Sparkle. I named her that because when I saw her, I know she was a diamond in the rough and knew that with love, she would indeed Sparkle! She’s approximately twelve years old, we don’t know for sure, and while her breed is technically domestic short hair, we like to say she is a blue-eyed blond.

I adopted Sparkle from the SPCA a few years back. She was very sick with eye infection, respiratory infection and ear infection…but with lots of love and attention, Sparkle greatly improved within a week and continued to recover over the next few weeks.

Sparkle is a special needs kitty. She has recurring ear infections, a heart murmur, inflammatory bowel disease as well as advanced kidney disease and she is deaf. She receives fluids daily by injection that she tolerates fairly well. She also has bad arthritis.

Sparkle is one of the sweetest cats I know. She has a gentle nature and brings such joy to my life. She is very entertaining and makes us laugh all the time.

Sparkle loves the Christmas tree and likes to sit or lay under it. In the summer time, Sparkle loves to sleep outside in the sun. (supervised of course!) She is an indoor cat but sitting in the sun I think makes her very happy.

Sparkle has a very gentle, sweet nature. She gets lots of hugs and kisses daily! I love my Sparkle!

Sparkle, the Cat of the Day

Sparkle, the Cat of the Day
Sparkle, the Cat of the Day
Sparkle, the Cat of the Day
Sparkle, the Cat of the Day
Sparkle, the Cat of the Day