Calendar of the Sun for August 13

Calendar of the Sun

13 Weodmonath

Festival of Diana

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a white cloth set three white candles, a silver crescent moon, a chalice of white wine, and figures of bears, wolves, and beehives.
Offering: Meat and honey. Celibacy tonight, unless there is a contradictory festival.
Daily Meal: Barley porridge. Lamb. Bread with honey.

Invocation to Diana

Hail, Diana, Mother of Bears!
You protect the young girls
In their time of greatest vulnerability,
Between the edge of childhood
And the edge of womanhood.
Your roar echoes through the forest,
Virgin huntress with the silver arrows,
Silver waxing crescent among the clouds.
Hail, Diana, Mother of Bees!
Queen among your priestesses you fly,
Center of the flowering hive,
Your women poised to sting and kill,
Bringing forth sweetness
Unparalleled in its golden beauty,
Under a glowing full moon.
Hail, Diana, Mother of Wolves!
The ancient crone in you
Is no hearth-clinging shroud of bones;
She grinds roots with her old teeth
Bared snarling at the forefront of the pack.
You are friend to the wilderness
And the lonely howlers who inhabit it.
Bless us, Diana, Threefold Goddess,
With your fierce protection
And the uncompromising wisdom within it.

Chant: Diana Diana Lucina Lucina Lumen

(The white wine is passed around, and the remainder poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]