Dog-gone Doggie Of The Day for April 5

Lissy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lissy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dalmatian
Home: Germany
My dog Lissy is a Dalmatian. She is sweet, funny, smart, pretty and cool. She love delis, dog food and dog bones to eat, and she loves to play, and to run. She can run very fast in the fields when we take her there. Lissy is four years old, and she is white and black, as you can see. She does have things she dislikes, though. She dislikes cats a lot, and does not like getting sprayed with water. Most of all she dislikes the Hoover (vacuum cleaner) most of all, and will leave the room when one is brought into it. She is pretty, I think, and she is my friend.