In Our Prayers, The High School Shooting Victims in Ohio

I am sure everyone has heard of the tragedy that occurred in the high school in Chardon, Ohio. I have just recently read on Yahoo another one of the shooting victims have been declared brain-dead. I am a mother and I cannot bear to think about one of my children passing. My heart breaks for these parents. Please light a candle and say a prayer for all of those effected by this tragic event.


Oh, Mighty Goddess, I humbly pray for the shooting victims
 at Chardon High School, but especially for those who have
already passed. Hold them near to you until they are ready
to be reborn again from your womb.
Oh Mighty God, please grant these children an easy rebirth
and that we never forget all that they were to us in this
world. Bring them to the everlasting joy of the Summerland.
So Mote It Be


Crone Mother, wise woman, you have give us all
sorts of herbs, barks, flowers, and roots that can
heal us. Please grant the physicians the knowledge
and wisdom to best use your energies to heal this
world and especially the shooting victims of
Chardon High School.
Dear Father, healing physician, please send
forth your healing energies to these students.
Help their wounds start to heal and with
Your mighty compassion help them through
this horrible tragedy.
Thank you for your endless compassion.
So Mote It Be.