Calendar of the Sun for July 18

Calendar of the Sun

18 Haymonath

Nephthys’s Day

Colors: Black and Tan
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of black and desert-tan place a winnowing-basket, a clay cup of beer, and incense of myrrh.
Offerings: Give to the poor.
Daily Meal: Whole grains and lentils, very plain. Only water to drink until Hesperis.

Invocation to Nephthys

Lady of the House, Dweller Within Senu,
Holy Neb-Thet, keeper of mystery,
Dark sister of the blessed Isis,
Mother of Anubis, guide of the Dead,
Lady of the Winnowing Basket
Who takes the suffering souls
Of the great mass of the lowly,
Let the tombs of the wealthy
Glorify your sister whose arms
Cradle only the high and noble;
Your winged span enwraps the nameless ones,
Those who were bound in what rags
Could be spared from a menial life.
Those whose bodies were soaked in salt,
Bound to the shape of an unborn child,
And buried in the endless sands of the desert.
You are the Dark One of decay and corruption.
You are the Lady of the barren sand’s edge
That in the time of greatest flooding
Springs suddenly green and alive.
Friend and counselor of the newly dead,
Comforter of the forgotten bereaved,
You who give courage to the birthing mother,
Mourning kite who wails through the sky,
You who understand what it is
To be bound to tyranny against your will
And to have the courage to flee,
Aid those of us whom the world does not honor
With riches and glory; remember us
When our time comes to pass through again.
(All kneel silently before the altar, then the libation is poured and all exit in silence.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]