Lady Beltane is Back to Regular Postings Sort Of

I talked with the company that pays me to advertise their whatever on WOTC via WordPress’ choices I found out that if you click on each day’s new posts only from the emails you get pertaining to them that the number of posts viewed per visitor is lower that if you click on one daily post and then do the others you want to read directly from the website. So, I ask you to please click on which ever email link you want to use to start reading the daily posts every day then use the main menu at the top of every page you go to read the other posts that interest you. Our views per visitors goes up which means I might get paid more than a couple of dollars per day for the posts I put live each day. Today I will make sure that all sub-menus for all the regular daily posts can be found under the heading “All Regular Daily Posts” with the exception of the spell I put up this you can find in sub-headings and by clicking on “Book of Shadows” in the main menu. So, once again I ask you to please click from post to post instead of using the emails to get to all the daily posts. If you are looking for posts on a specific topic than use the “Search” box on the left of the Homepage, if using a cell/mobile phone or tablet you may have to scroll down a ways to find it.

I am finally back to do most of the regular posts starting tomorrow. After being away from my computer for almost a week I have birthday horoscopes to check up on so please do not expect all the posts I have been doing daily today. I also will not be spending 5 to 7 hours daily on my computer posting things that three-quarters of the time I do not know whether you fine the posts helpful or interesting. So I will post what I find helpful on my path and hopefully you will find them helpful also.

After having this time off and doing some deep self-care and finding that my priority in life was WOTC instead of my family I am switching my priorities around. While WOTC still remains very important to me I am not going to plan my day around posting and answering emails. I am cutting my workday down to 4 hours a day which means I will be dropping some of the daily posts to weekly posts. By changing my way of thinking around so I no longer feel that I am taken for granted and all my work on here is not appreciated I looked forward to getting back to work today. It was either cut down on what I thought was needed to get new subscribers and keep current ones coming back or literally wind up saying, “The hell with this website all together.” Do not get me wrong I appreciate you coming to read what I post but it is disheartening when there are usually no “Likes” or comments on any posts while I make pennies a day and spending anywhere from 6 to 8 hours at my computer researching and posting which has a bad affect on my physical health. What really upset me so bad as to go into the worse fibromyalgia flare I have ever had, I had welts on my skin from my nerve ending being so hyperactive and into a major meltdown last Sunday was when I asked for help to get our dog Dreamer to the vet to find out why she was hardly able to walk or climb steps and only one person came forward to help us achieve that. I try very hard not to ask for monetary help from all of you unless it is an emergency or the yearly fund raiser because I realize money is tight for most of us as the economy the world over is still trying to rebound from the initial COVID pandemic, but I wasn’t asking you to just send me money I offered many different readings I do in return for your donation. This made me feel as if no one cared what happens to me or my family as long as I get all the posts up every day for you to read and if I neglect them oh well. I will no longer post at a specific time in the mornings or afternoons but will stay with doing post for tomorrow in the northern hemisphere which is today in the southern hemisphere starting again tomorrow.

There will soon be a companion Patreon account called WOTC’s Lady Beltane’s Grimoire to WOTC starting the first week in May 2023 or there about. On it you will find more intermediate and advanced spells, rituals, and other topics for magickal workings. This will also be where Life in The Craft will be available, along with some taped magickal workshops, a list offering the readings and cleansings I do. There will be a tiered option for joining and receiving the different topics. All spells and rituals will be in a PDF format for members to print out if they like. More information on this will be posted as I get the account up and running.

If you have read this far I thank you very much for the time you take out of your busy day to read this post and what WOTC has to offer to you every day. If there is a topic you would like to see a post or two about, please let us know in a comment or send an email to

May the Goddesses and Gods bless you and your families with positive everything, good health, and enough income to cover all your bills with some leftover for fun!


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