This is Me Today

I was writing a post explaining my Murphy’s Law day and it went belly up. Having to reset my computer – that did no good. So now it will be a factory rest. Yes, I have anything important backed up to my OneDrive account. Finding a bunch of emails starting from around mid November in my WOTC email account that had never showed up before today. Having my decades old AOL email account go belly up and making a Gmail account for my apprentices and those inquiring about studying with me. Keep this in mind I have only had 1 other Gmail account and that was closed in 2019 but had a secretary doing the hard work, I just had to go in an read emails he had stared for my attention.  Plus every regular daily post I have tried to messes up. So yep I may be bald or in a special jacket in a rubber room before the day is over. The silver lining is my day can only get better. I am going to try to work from my 3 year old, slow desktop computer while this laptop gets wiped clean.

I still have not figured out why my Officejet 4560 all-in-one was working fine Friday and I have not been able to print or copy anything since than.

I know I will not get extra daily posts like Today in History or Astronomy Picture of the Day or a Spell for Today or Wednesday’s Correspondences or A Laugh for Today done. But I will try to do the Daily and Birthday Horoscopes, Current Moon Phase, and Planetary Positions done as quickly as my desktop will do it. I am hoping to find a good thought for today that pertains to what I and I am sure others are going through today.

Dear Sisters and Brothers and Honoree Guests please wish my luck in getting all my computer related messes taking care of today. Oh yeah and that I do not just chuck them out the front door LOL! Thank you for your stead fast support, encouraging words, and positive energy you send my way, alll of it really does help to change my mind set.

My mantra for today – My day can only get better and it will

2 thoughts on “This is Me Today

  1. Good Luck ! Take time to relax and de-stress with a cup of lemon balm, lavender, or chamomile tea. No good ever comes from worry. Nobody will blame you for something that is not your fault. Somebody once said to me , ‘what ever did we do without computers?’ The thing is, we managed! Sometimes these things happen. They will get better, eventually, and I’m sure you will soon feel a great sense of relief, and wonder why it all seemed so important at the time.

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