Tables of Magickal Correspondences

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Any student of magick, sooner or later, will come to a need of some magickal correspondences to enhanced his ritual. Tables of correspondence allow us to quickly find the proper items that correspond to our intent. Here we have collected the most common tables of correspondences. In particular, we deal with tables of correspondences about ColorsHerbs and Plants, Moon Phases, Days of the week, Incense, Essential oils and Runes.

This is not meant to be a complete and definite list. There are many different traditions so you may find differences between tables if you compare them. All of these tables should only be used as a guide and should not be considered as a law. If you find an item that makes no sense to you, do not use it regardless of what any chart indicates. Instead, use what you feel that resonates best with your intent.

Keep in mind that all these are simple tools we use to raise the vibration and enhance our ritual. The real power is within us. You can use the search box at the top of each table to search for your intent…

Correspondences by intent

Below are the magical correspondences for the most common intents. While it is convenient and time-saving, it lacks in variety of options. I suggest you make the effort and take a look at the tables above to find more options. Research is part of your ritual’s preparation…

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