Full Moon November 2022: The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Beaver Moon

The 2022 Full Beaver Moon of November helps us say goodbye to the past year and start to turn our focus toward self-reflection. It’s a time to let go of the past and move forward toward new dreams and intentions.

November is sometimes regarded as the beginning of the New Year because it follows the harvest season of Samhain and Halloween. Now can be a good time to start abandoning negative thoughts and bad habits you’d like to shed or be rid of. Embrace this new season while breaking free of these impediments holding you back.

Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. Creating a name for each full Moon allowed people to reflect on each season and how it affects them AND the natural world. There can be some variation on the Full Moon names due to the origins from whence they came.

Most Full Moon names are English translations of Native American names, others are rooted in Celtic, European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic), and more recent Neo-Pagan origins. I created a guide to each Full Moon, complete with their meanings and how you can celebrate

Please note that I make every effort to ensure this information is correct and accurate through my own experiences and referencing sources throughout OR at the bottom of this article.

Table of Contents

When is the Full Moon in November 2022?

Beaver Moon Spiritual Meaning

Will November’s 2022 Full Moon Have A Total Lunar Eclipse?

November Full Moon Alternative Names

Beaver Moon Spiritual Correspondences

2022 November Beaver Moon Spiritual Journal Prompts

How To Celebrate and Ritual Ideas For The Full Beaver Moon

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