November 2022 Monthly Sun Zodiac Signs Horoscopes


General Monthly Horoscope

by Maria DeSimone

November 2022: Our lives are sure to change in profound ways this month. How can they not, when we’re right in the middle of Eclipse season? A Lunar Eclipse will occur in Taurus on November 8 and aligns with shocking Uranus, making for a powerful cosmic wildcard. We know that something in our life needs to symbolically die off in order to make room for what’s to come. At the same time, however, we might resist this change out of fear or uncertainty. Uranus will rip the band-aid off and remove whatever obstacles are standing in our evolutionary path. Get ready!

Love planet Venus moves into adventure-seeking Sagittarius on November 16, helping us enjoy a more open-minded approach to matters of the heart. Relationships don’t have to be stifling — as long as they support our need for growth and freedom. Then, a New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23 will be closely linked to Venus and Mercury, empowering us to advance ourselves. A whole new world can open up once we’re willing to see the possibilities. They are truly limitless!

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You might have to put out an unanticipated electric storm very soon when it comes to your finances. A Lunar Eclipse hits your earned income sector on November 8. Luna is also slipping into a tight conjunction to Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Unfortunately, this eclipse might bring an ending to a source of income in a very abrupt way. Another possibility is that your budget will be rattled by a major expense. Make an effort to be ready for anything! In fact, the best way to navigate this uncertain energy is to lean into it. Don’t hesitate to move toward the unknown — sometimes, you have to make a leap of faith to find your breakthrough solution.

Later in the month, your path should clear up. With Venus floating into your expansive 9th house on November 16, plus the New Moon there on November 23, you’ll realize that the thing holding you back from the life and the love that you want might have been, well, you! Now that you know, you can move forward with your true power, Aries.

Key Themes: financial loss, financial instability, sudden expenses, optimism, metamorphosis, empowerment, healing, trauma, hope


You might be feeling an uncomfortable, intense pressure this month — like a caterpillar in the process of transforming into a butterfly. Still trapped in the chrysalis, wanting to break free without quite being able to yet. It could happen at any moment, but such a change will likely be painful and could require lots of work.

This analogy may feel all too literal, thanks to the supercharged Lunar Eclipse happening in your sign, Taurus, on November 8. This eclipse is practically guaranteed to change your life story, potentially completely separating you from whatever identity you used to hold onto. Be gentle with yourself during this eventful process.

Personal developments aside, finances should become a bright spot this month. Venus enters your 8th House of Shared Resources on November 16. Plus, a New Moon empowers that sector on November 23. You can successfully implement a new plan to earn passive income or start investing your money. Listen to your gut, because things that seem foolhardy to others may be visionary from your point of view. You can do it!

Key Themes: identity crisis, identity shift, metamorphosis, personal breakthroughs, inheritances, investments, royalties, venture capital


The beginning of this month may feel like you’re on an emotional thrill ride. The unpredictable Lunar Eclipse on November 8 lands in your 12th House of the Subconscious Mind. Since this eclipse is next to radical Uranus, you might experience a sudden emotional awakening that is both empowering and uncomfortable at the same time. What will you do with this? The good news is that you should be free from some emotional obstacle in your life, ultimately feeling reborn in a beautiful way. The bad news is that getting there might feel shockingly painful. You can weather the storm.

At the same time, there is something fabulous to look forward to in November. In fact, the brightest spot for you is almost certainly connected to matters of the heart. Venus enters your partnership sector on November 16, and this sector is lifted even higher by the New Moon here on November 23. Casually dating someone? These celestial events can deepen the commitment. An existing love connection could also grow even stronger. Let your heart sing!

Key Themes: emotional debris, emotional breakthroughs, disruptions, love, partnerships, marriage, commitment, business partnerships



A sudden shakeup in your social life might take you by surprise. A rocky Lunar Eclipse lands in your 11th House of Friendship on November 8. Friendship break-ups can hurt just as much as romantic ones — particularly if you feel blindsided by them. You might not even get a logical explanation for this, which would make things even more unsettling. Another possibility is that one of your friends will go through a major personal crisis that seems to appear from out of the blue. Do what you can to help.

Focusing on your work life will probably be the most rewarding use of your energy this month. In fact, there are abundant blessings happening here, thanks to Venus entering your work sector on November 16. The delightful New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23 makes things even sweeter. You may have the chance to get your dream job or make even more money at your current position. Let yourself be loved and appreciated by your colleagues!

Key Themes: friendship, frenemies, friendship breaks, work, freelance opportunities, team projects, office romance


Your professional life is ready to take a major unexpected turn. An unstable Lunar Eclipse will illuminate your career sector on November 8. As this eclipse aligns with Uranus, anything could happen! You might suddenly be fired or find out that your boss has suddenly left their position open for you. Perhaps you’ll realize it’s time to make a radical move and change career paths entirely — or that may be forced upon you by a situation that makes your current path unsustainable. Do your best to go with the flow.

The grass is greener in your love life, thankfully. Gorgeous Venus waltzes into your romance sector on November 16, followed by a New Moon there on November 23. If single, those cosmic events act as major indicators that new love is on the horizon. If you’re in a relationship, then you and your sweetheart might decide to expand your family, or simply open your hearts even more to each other. Your heart space is truly beautiful.

Key Themes: career, authority figures, reputation, honor, love, dating, children, pleasure


A legal matter could be about to take a nosedive. There will be a Lunar Eclipse on November 8 in the area of your chart connected to the legal system. If you’ve got an active case, perhaps a surprise witness will damage your standing, or your attorney might need to be replaced due to an unanticipated set of circumstances. Even if you aren’t involved with the law right now, complications could arise without warning. Whatever happens, do your best to regroup.

You might also quit school or a certification program if it begins to feel more overwhelming than it’s worth. Before you do this, make sure that it’s something that truly no longer makes sense for your life path.

Thankfully, your family life should be easier to handle. Venus enters your domestic sector on November 16, and a New Moon blesses this area of your chart on November 23. You could be moving into your dream home or simply feeling extra loved by relatives. If you’re in a relationship, you may be ready to move in together!

Key Themes: legal issues, schooling, academic concerns, morals, home, family, domestic bliss


Your funds may need some TLC this month. This could come to your attention during the profound Lunar Eclipse in your finance-focused 8th house on November 8. Realities of your budget should become clear — especially if you have anything haunting your wallet, like credit card debt, student loans, or unstable earnings. Watch out for a shakeup that will force you to clean up your finances once and for all. The eclipse is also asking you to recognize an emotional issue that you need to release. Trauma, baggage, grudges — whatever it is, you are capable of letting let it go.

While this is happening, you might be considering a major decision about your love life. Venus enters your message sector on November 16, and friendly Mercury teams up with her on November 21. You could declare your love for someone or make a significant change to your mindset around love and relationships. It should benefit you, so don’t worry! Finally, a New Moon in your communication sector on November 23 suggests positive outcomes for any contractual matter or communications project you initiate. Go for it!

Key Themes: financial losses, debt, trauma, financial decisions, romantic decisions, writing, teaching, contracts


Your love life is in for a transformation that may initially drag you down to the depths, but should eventually raise you to impressive heights. The Lunar Eclipse on November 8 lands in your partnership sector and will be coordinating with volatile Uranus. The unexpected curveball this eclipse can throw into your love life cannot be emphasized enough! This may enact a sudden, personal shift that forever changes your approach to love affairs and relationship dynamics. It could also be about a radical — but necessary — change in your current relationship.

Financial prospects, however, look incredible! Venus enters your earned income sector on November 16, and a New Moon occurs in the same area of your chart on November 23. This is your time to cultivate your talents and take a fresh approach to making money. If you work for yourself, consider upping your rates or launching a new product or service. Work for someone else? Don’t hesitate to ask for a raise. Let the cash flow!

Key Themes: money, talents, possessions, romantic instability, break-ups, relationship changes, freedom, financial expansion


Nagging health concerns aren’t going to let themselves be ignored much longer! A Lunar Eclipse lands in your health and work sector on November 8 — thanks to its connection to Uranus, who knows what will happen! Watch out for a sudden health crisis. Fortunately, it should ultimately lead to healing, even though that doesn’t make the disruption any less uncomfortable. This energy may also bring a sudden change to your work environment. You might suddenly walk out on a job you hate, but it’s equally possible that a colleague will make a snap decision to leave.

Believe it or not, despite this difficult eclipse, the universe does want to bring joy your way this November. Venus enters your sign on November 16, and a New Moon also lifts you up on November 23. If you’re single, these are glorious indicators for a new romantic connection. Already paired up? You could feel more adored by your partner. This eclipse marks a wonderful time to make a fresh start in any area of life you choose. Talk about cosmic support!

Key Themes: health, illnesses, jobs, routines, work, romance, beauty, opportunities


Separating from a loved one is hard to do — but this month, it might be necessary. If you’ve been in a dead-end or toxic relationship, platonic or otherwise, you know it has to end. If you’re not willing to cut ties with this person, watch out, because the universe might do that for you near the Lunar Eclipse on November 8 (which lands in your true love sector). This eclipse embraces Uranus, increasing the possibility of a sudden break to a connection — most likely romantic. Yes, it will hurt, but you know it’s necessary. Like taking bitter medicine, some unpleasantness now will make it much easier to heal in the future.

Fortunately, you can find solace by taking a break from life and your usual routine. Venus enters your hidden 12th house on November 16, followed by an enriching New Moon there on November 23. You might sign up for a meditation retreat or decide to go on your own spiritual journey. You could also simply take a break from social media and social engagements, or even enter a course of therapy and do some deep healing.

Key Themes: break-ups, heartbreak, familial tension, rebellious children, respites, spiritual breaks, intuition, soul-searching


Some potential growing pains in your life may particularly affect your domestic sphere this month. An intense Lunar Eclipse on November 8 will likely bring you face to face with some demons connected to family trauma or loss. You might even be mourning any changes you’ve recently experienced due to a relocation or home change. Perhaps you had to move far away from loved ones due to a job opportunity. If so, the adjustments can be painful. Another possibility is that you are determined to break a family cycle, and doing so requires you to let go of a relationship or an unhealthy pattern. You can do it — but it probably won’t be easy!

Fortunately, your friends can be a wonderful source of comfort and support for you. Venus enters your friendship sector on November 16, and a New Moon will increasingly center that area for you on November 23. You might find out that a friend has romantic feelings for you — if single, feel free to explore this. Additionally, this New Moon supports the initiation of a brand-new personal aspiration. The universe wants to help you succeed!

Key Themes: domestic karma, family patterns, moving, family crisis, emotional adjustments, friendships, dreams, wishes


Your thoughts might have a bite to them this month! A testy Lunar Eclipse will fall in your communication sector on November 8. This eclipse is teaming up with radical Uranus to embolden you and push you to confront any information you may have been lying to yourself about. Keeping stressful secrets can damage you both mentally and physically. The best way to heal, now and in the future, is probably by speaking your truth.

On a happier note, your career will receive magnificent support this month! Venus moves to the top of your chart on November 16, and this sector is further promoted by the New Moon here on November 23. You might receive the promotion you’ve been dreaming of or go into a new career path that is more aligned with your passion and purpose. Expect a reward! As a bonus for those in relationships, your sweetheart might be the one who gives you this professional opportunity. At the very least, they should be your greatest cheerleader.

Key Themes: mental releases, mental burdens, lies, professional rewards, reputation, honor, promotions, business opportunities

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