Merry Meet Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests

I am getting back into the swing of things a little slowly but trying at least to get all the tomorrow posts up for both hemispheres. Unfortunately, after being on the computer for around 5 hours some of the regular posts are missing today for the southern hemisphere’s tomorrow because my hands started hurting. Today I did most of the regular posts for today the northern hemisphere’s tomorrow and about 2/3 of the southern hemisphere’s regular daily posts.

Today was this first time in almost a week that I got more than three hours sleep. But sleeping from around 5:00 AM CT to 10:45 AM CT doesn’t work well for me. When my sleep is messed up adding to the finical stress and I get to usher in another fibromyalgia flare. Yeah, me ROFLOL!!

Tomorrow since I only have to repost the S. H. regular posts, so they become the northern hemisphere’s tomorrow posts and finish September 13th posts. I will be able to do all of the S. H. tomorrow posts for September 14th. I know this sounds confusing all I can say is “Welcome to my life.”

I am going to start doing certain types of spells for others I am hoping to start around Monday, September 19. There will be a fee for me doing them. The page to attach to them main menu is in the construction stage as soon as I get it done you can see what I offer by clicking on “Spells by Lady Beltane” in the main menu. I will not do hexes, curses, or any type of spell that messes with another person’s free will.

Sending hugs, comfort, healing, love and only positive thoughts to whoever wants to accept these.

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