No More Posts This Week

Because of having covid and losing a good portion of our income this month I was unable to pay my internet bill. As of tomorrow my internet will be suspended until I can pay my provider which is not until September 5th. Depending on how much of the bill I can pay $60.00 for August and $60.00 for September plus late fees I can pay on the 5th when they will allow me access to being online again.

There are many older posts which you may find interesting. I will be back with new posts as soon as I am financially able to.

4 thoughts on “No More Posts This Week

  1. Greetings! May I ask if you are aware of low income internet? Not sure where you live but,pretty much every internet provider has help for low income customers. The government is also making it free. I was lowered to $23 per month & now pay $0! I do hope things get better for you soon! I really enjoy & appreciate your daily postings! Bright Blessings,
    (Jennifer Taylor)

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    1. I checked into what is offered in my area. But with the amount of time I am on the internet daily to do research and posting none offer enough time. I’m going to keep looking though never know when something will become available.


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