One More Day Off

Today is the 7th anniversary of my mom crossing into the Summerlands. If you would at about 4:00 PM CDT say a quick hello to my mother. Her name is Jeannine. I know it will be meaningful to her.

Her and I were not always close and really butted heads over the 57 years I had with her. The great thing is about 10 or 11 years before her crossing she became one of my closest and dearest friends besides being my mom. If not for her my children’s childhoods and teen years would have been really bad as I was into the bar hopping scene for many years which included drinking, drugs, and men. Thanks to her when I recognized my problem and sought help she stepped in to take guardianship of my 3 younger children so they didn’t go into foster care. Even before that she lived with us so my children had a family member seeing to their needs while I worked outside the home. She helped and for a few years took over raising them. She instilled many values in me and my children. On top of her list was always taking responsibility and doing the very best you could whatever job or chore you were doing. I have heard from some of my children’s different employers over the years that my children are hard workers and very willing to help a co-worker. A carry over from my upbringing was not an allowance but being paid for the work/chores assigned to each child weekly. If they remembered to do all the chores, such as making their bed, taking turns helping in the kitchen and taking out the trash, plus a few other simple things, they would get their full pay but if they skipped a chore or when they started 3rd grade did not pick up after themselves their pay would be docked for however much the not done things monetary value was. For example a shoe was $.01, while a school or library book was $.10. Every item or chore had an amount associated with it. Pay advances were given if there was a good reason for getting it or they could do extra chores if they wanted to buy something that was not a necessity. I am happy to say that some of my grandchildren eithervgrew up or are growing up with this method of teaching a child to have a hood work ethic and that parents cannot always get their child every material thing they want and it means more to the person buying it with their own money. Don’t get me wrong my mom would surprise with an I live you gift here and there as I did the same with my children and them with theirs.

My mom also passed down her beliefs that every child doesn’t matter what gender should know how to fix a ripped seam and sew on a button. They should be able to cook a nutritious meal and I don’t mean hot dogs and chips but a regular meal with veggies, a starch, and meat. I can honestly all 5 of my children a very good cooks and some are great bakers.

So today is my day to talk with my mom about all the things that have happened in my and my children’s lives since last August 24th. To let her know I still miss her every day and think of her often sometimes with bitterness, sometimes with anger, but always, always with love in my heart.

There is also joy on this day as it is my oldest granddaughters birthday. She turned 27 years old this morning.

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  1. I knew there was magic in the air I feel the paralleled lives that cross in the unseen spaces. I dwell on them & try hard to recognize & receive the gifts of knowledge & wisdom. In our youth we tend to have little respect for the delicacy of the great loves in our life. Life isn’t always easy & sometimes it’s downright harder than it should be, we lose our gratitude, balance & respect only to come to find if we could have held on a little tighter our suffering could have been eased. Your come back was strong, powerful & beautiful. You are everything she wanted for you to be & so much more with a depth & greater knowledge that seats you in your high position rightfully & unmatched. I cherish the woman who gave us the gift of the incredible woman you are. Having an ability without guidance was devastating, you’ve brought peace to my life even as I struggle with my own daughter & her turn to darkness you keep me inspired to carry on with grace & strength

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  2. Thanks for this little bit of Celebration of your mother, Janine. Your mother and my father would have got on splendidly! I will certainly light a candle for her and give her a shout-out at 4 central.

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      1. I am sorry Lady Beltane, my screen reader pronounced it and I spoke it the way it was pronounced by the screen reader. When you say it’s spelled, and then say it, my screen reader does not read each letter. If you send me a message with each letter separate – as in S space H space I space R space R, I can spell it correctly. Happily :^)


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