A Thought for Today

I think and feel that most people led to a spiritual path in any of the traditions of witchcraft know somewhere inside them that they are a witch for many, many years before deciding to walk their true spiritual and magickal path. Over the 50 years I have been following my true spiritual path, which has evolved over the years, and mentoring people that it usually starts with a closeness to things in the natural world. It can be a peaceful feeling that only comes when out in a wooded area or with planting something or enjoying hearing and seeing wildlife, ectara.

What was your first inkling that you might be a witch? Remember everyone the word “Witch” covers all sexes. Please share with us whatever you feel comfortable with about your own spiritual and/or magickal path. This will be one of the topics for discussion at our Open Chat for the northern hemisphere on Saturday, May 21, 2022 starting at 6:00 PM CDT and for the southern hemisphere on Sunday, May, 22 2022, starting at 8:00 AM AEST. We will be using a Skype meeting room with everyone typing in what they would like to say. Almost any topic can be open for a discussion. Please read the Gatherings Guidelines before contacting Lady Beltane at ladybeltane@aol.com for her information to enter the meeting room. Thank you and I really hope to see you there! This event will be held even if only 1 person wants to be part of it.

Until we meet again dear sisters, brothers, and honored guests may you blessed be.

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