April’s Full Moon

I took these pictures standing our side yard in north central Illinois, USA about 9:55 PM CDT. Not the greats pictures of Luna but the best I can do with my cellphone.

Can you see the pink corona around the Moon?

A beautiful, clear night with just enough crispness in the air. I could have stay outside watching her for hours this evening but I was already in my pajamas when I found out it was clear instead of cloudy as it was supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “April’s Full Moon

  1. Cloudy and blech here in NY. I do like how cold it is though. I sleep with no heat in my room I like it that cold lol Once the warmer weather gets here i can’t go out at night at all. The mosquitoes are so bad you can feel the clouds of them on your skin! We’ve had some already on the night it was 60 (prespring lol) I love doing moon magick in the winter when I can breathe the crisp cold air, no bugs, and the moon is so bright I’ve actually had to wear sunglasses at night lol Plus with it dark so much longer I can see the moon longer.

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