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  1. I am so weakened I have neglected to smudge the new house we just moved into. I am on so much pain medication due to my severe case of MS how can I use these ‘hertz’ waves to change things? I do listen to music as it does tend to calm me at times. Lovely, beautiful Celtic music as I am part Irish and part Scottish as my mother told me once, I just wish I could be cured of all these daily awful headaches as well as the bone and muscle aches. I have trouble with the memory as well as the balance. I had even had my own witch name picked out and decided on. Wrote it down so I would not forget it and what do I do? I forget where I put it! Goddess help me.

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    1. Please go to witchcraftand more.com write a letter to Lady Silver Sage. She knows more about this topic than I do. I just reblogged it from her website.
      You can also write to my brother at whitewolfquantumwellness@comcast.net. He is a very powerful healer.
      I hope you find the help you need. I can work on your chakras and aura which might help also. Blessed be.


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