A Final Thought for Today

No matter what we call ourselves or what others may call us we are under the large umbrella of Paganism. This umbrella calls to witches, warlocks, druids, shamans, and many other people who choose not to define their spiritual walk with a name.

I personally explain to people that I am an ordained Pagan High Priestess who practice an eclectic style of witchcraft. As the High Priestess of Heart’s Spirit Coven and all things affiliated with WOTC my explanation is probably too long. But it does open up dialogue with whomever asks me with my religion is, no I do not refer to my spiritual and magikcal path as being a religion because to me religion is for those people who feel they need to be in a building and worship one God. A Spiritual path allows a person to commune with all types of metaphysical beings such as Goddesses, Gods, Archangels, Spirit and Animal Guides as well as a whole host of beings.

What are your thoughts on your spiritual and/or magickal path? Please share your thoughts and hopefully we will get a dialogue going here in our WOTC community as we get to know each better.