What Will 2022 Bring for WOTC?

Wild Lang Syne/Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot with Lyrics

I will see you again in 2022 with new types of posts while bring back the favorite daily posts from 2021. Let me know in the comments what topics you would like more of in 2022. What posts and/or topics you liked in 2021. This is your website more than it is mine for all things pagan and witchy. I will be restarting the Tarot card explanation for each card on January 2nd. I will try to bring back more of the topics Lady Abyss covered. Let me know the average number of posts you would like to show up in your emails inbox daily and I will try to keep it to that number except on the Sabbaths and the week leading up to them. Online Esbats and Sabbath gatherings along with a bimonthly online open chat will be returning also. All gathering will be via Sykpe. You will be able to join us through audio and/or video chat or just by typing in the instant message part..

May you and yours have a new year filled with more love, joy, happiness, enough money for the things you need with some left over for things you would like to have. Blessings for a positive new year dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests!

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