A Bitter-Sweet Laugh for Today

Anyone Have Some Extra Sleep They Could Pass Along to Me? I promise to pass it one to someone else in need?

Yesterday while working at the carnival I was completely disrespected by the person I was working with. He yelled at me very loudly in front of parents and children using inappropriate language about what I had done wrong. I did do something that could have changed man peoples lives because of me not being as attentive as I should have been to whether the ride was running or stopped. If not for my Spirit Guides and the little  Guardian Angels and/or ancestors he would have died. I had nightmares on and off all night about negative outcomes to me opening the gate to admit people to the riding I was working on. Between the multiple nightmares and sleep deprivation starting Wednesday night I got a full blown fibromyalgia flare I am basically useless today.

Starting tomorrow the new/old way of posting our Daily Correspondences and Divination Journal will begin. So Stay Tune to this same Witchy blog to see how things will be developing!!

Until tomorrow dear sisters, brother, and guest