There is No Time Like the Present- 11

Coven Life®

Written By Priestess Hypatia

For Coven Life


15. Shine

It takes a great deal of energy to produce light. It is always there no matter how dark it feels. For light is energy that can neither be destroyed nor made, it just is….

“You did not come to serve.
You came to create and to SHINE.”
― Abraham Hicks

Since humanity has walked this earth, sun worship has been a major aspect of many spiritual paths. The sun brings light, life, energy, it brings our solar system into being, and it is the crux of our creation. So, it was only natural that the bright light worshiped in the sky was a metaphor of the light in the hearts and minds of humanity, one that represents the God head within.

I believe when we shine, just like the sun, we have the ability to create a gravitational force to…

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