Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the Visionary, the Truth Teller, the Seeker. This Full Moon underlines the archetypal Quest, and the first steps taken on a hero’s journey. This Moon coincides with a lunar eclipse and is a good time to step out of your comfort zones and expand the boundaries of what is possible in our lives. It is a time to make a bid foe freedom, to shake of the shackles of the exceptions of others, and to envision a world of adventure, learning, and explorations. Clarify your goals and let the arrows of truth hit their mark. Sagittarius is connected to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the Moon, protector of wild spaces and young girls. She values her freedom and independence, yet she also aligned with a philosophical, mystical aspect. This is a good time to work magic for rejecting the confines of patriarchy, to claim independence and the courage to live as we decree.

Artemis, teach me to rewild myself. To hone my vision and step into uncharted places with the fearless confidence of the Seeker and the heart of the Mystic.

Guiding Goddesses: Artemis, Diana, Flidais, Fanta

Copyright 2020 Danielle Blackwood Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook Page 85