There is no Time like the Present

Coven Life®

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


In the course of a couple of weeks humanity has changed in an unprecedented rate sparking mass global fear, confusion, anger, paranoia, hate, racism and frenzy are just to name a few.

Now I say humanity as the earth itself, the Great Mother and the Great Father is going about business as usual. In fact a break from humanity is allowing Gaia to once again thrive. Our imagined role as the ‘superior species’ is becoming more and more evident that we are truly all connected, one species is no more important than the other. This delicate balance of the ‘Web of Life’ is something ancient cultures have spoken of since the beginning of our walk on this earth. Those still practicing the old religion and ancient spiritual practices are in a space of understanding that goes beyond space and time, it is…

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