Thank You to Those Who Attended Ceremony to Honor Lady Abyss

I was surprised and saddened at the small turned I had for Lady Abyss ‘ Remembrance Ceremony last Friday. Possibly, It was partly my fault for postponing for a few days. If you missed because of the date change I’m sorry. The ceremony is so simple anyone can do it. You are welcome to use it to honor our beloved sister and friend if you want to.

My deepest thanks goes those whose attend in person

Adept Elder Dawn of the Day – Coven Life

Novice Elder Luna – Coven Life

Novice Elder Lauren – Coven Life

I also an very grateful to the two who couldn’t be with us because of work but sent a note saying they were still going to use the ceremony to honor Lady Abyss. Thank you

White Wolf – Coven Life

Celtic Treasure – WOTC

As for those of you who couldn’t attend after all Lady Abyss had done for us all I hope you choose to do something special on your own to honor her.