Herbal Collar to Repel Different Types of Insects


Pennyroyal oil which is used in many insect repellents and other things which can be fatal if ingested by a dog or cat or a human. If you use as part of a shampoo it can be toxic by osmosis via the skin. Because of this potential hazard to my two canine babies I make a simple removable collar using dried Pennyroyal along with other herbs to keep more pests off of them. This way it still protects my dogs from becoming flea taxis yet the Pennyroyal and other herbs do not touch their fur or skin. I have also found out by making a collar large enough for myself that Pennyroyal mixed with one or more of these herbs will repel misquoted and other pests too, use this link for this information:

Natural Bug Repellents

The plants and herbs listed in link can be planted along the edge of…

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