Making Changes to the Regular Daily Posts

I am only going repost the Daily and Birthday Horoscope. The Today in History, A Laugh for Today and A Thought for Today on the correct date. The rest will stay on the day before.

After making sure something is posted every day for over 620 consecutive days I need to cut back on my computer time. This is due to the cold weather having a field day with my joints from arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease making it very hard to sit in my desk chair. I will do the best I can but I do have physical problems that can keep me from uncomfortable to pain so bad I do not even want to get up to use the necessary room. Yeah, on a pain scale from 1 to 10 on a good day, hovers around 4 and 5 on real bad days, the number does not go high enough.

I also get discouraged running WOTC because I get very little feedback from you my dear readers. I have asked this question before but I feel it needs asking again. Would you work a job 6 to 7 days a week, 4 to 6 hours daily and recieve pennies per hour? Me working to keep WOTC fresh daily with new posts is a labor of love on my part but as we know love needs to be returned in some way. So I askbthat when you are reading something and you enjoyed it or learned from it please just click “Like” like you would on a social media website. I thank you in advance for the Like clicks. If you want tobleave a comment too fantastic

If this means I lose a few readers I am very sorry you do not my changes for my mental, spiritual, and physical health so be it.

To everyone who sticks around, I sincerely thank you for your support, patience, and understanding. I will strive to do my best daily, but some days my best is just getting out of bed.

4 thoughts on “Making Changes to the Regular Daily Posts

  1. Laugh if you will ( we all need a good laugh, right?) I just figured out how to open your wordpress…from wordpress…and not just my email. *facepalm* I’m also the person who, after nearly 14 years on facebook, just figured out how to find the main feed! I am sooo not tech savvy lol
    So I can now look at your posts “rapid fire”, meaning I don’t have to wait for my very slow computer to open each email – SLOOOOOWWWLLLLYYYYYY- to the point I say, I’ll look at it later, and it’s usually waaay later! OMGoooodness! (eye roll at myself)
    I knew there had to be a better way to do this, it just took me stumbling around pinterest, DeviantArt, and wordpress to land here and BAM! Ok, now we’re talking (and feeling a mountain of guilt too!) and we can do this! LOL
    I don’t even own a cell phone, I tried, and it nearly got chucked into a wall with me primal screaming at it! I’m too old for this stuff lol

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